All offseason there have been reports of a rift between Rob Gronkowski and Bill Belichick, and now we may have a specific reason for Gronk's rumored unhappiness.

According to the Boston Herald, Belichick took issue with Gronkowski working with Tom Brady's trainer Alex Guerrero and reprimanded him in front of his teammates.

At one point early last season, the Hoodie chastised Gronk in front of the players for being a TB12 client, according to a source. So maybe that was Belichick’s not-so-subtle way of trying to keep everyone from jumping ship on the team’s training staff.

Our own Mike Giardi reported earlier in the offseason that Patriots players, specifically Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady, were "miserable" under Belichick's regime, while Tom E. Curran reported Gronk felt "persecuted to a degree" last season.

Belichick revoked Guerrero's on-field access in December of the Patriots' 2017 campaign.