Rihanna at Super Bowl 57: How to watch, setlist, bets


Rihanna’s first live performance in nearly four years demands a crowd. Cue Super Bowl LVII with over 100 million people expected to tune in. 

The 34-year-old star was announced as the halftime performer back in September and the anticipation has only grown in the months since. While most of her set plans remain a secret, fans should expect a show, regardless of how the first half of the game plays out.

Here’s a guide to watching Rihanna in the Super Bowl Halftime show.

How to watch the halftime show during Super Bowl 57

The entirety of Super Bowl LVII, including the halftime show, will air on Fox. 

Rihanna’s performance will also be available to be streamed on, NFL+, the Fox Sports app, the NFL mobile app or through a free trial with FuboTV.

Who else is joining Rihanna on stage during the halftime show at Super Bowl 57?

Like everything at the Super Bowl, the halftime show is traditionally a “bigger is better” affair. Fans can typically count on a show stacked with surprise acts such as Travis Scott, Bruno Mars and Beyonce. Once three times since 2010 has the headlining act performed alone. 

As of now, Rihanna’s return to the spotlight looks to be a one-woman show, but the rumor mill is swirling with potential co-performers. The list ranged from ‘70s Swedish group ABBA to Drake to Rihanna’s partner, A$AP Rocky.


How long will Rihanna’s halftime show at Super Bowl 57 be?

Rihanna’s show is set to run 13 minutes, which is proving a challenge for the 34-year-old whose discography has reached an international following for nearly two decades now. 

Speaking at an Apple Music press conference ahead of the Super Bowl, Rihanna said trimming down the set list was “difficult.” She added that she and her team have gone through “39 versions of the setlist” at that point.

What is Rihanna’s setlist for the halftime show at Super Bowl 57?

The methodically designed setlist is unsurprisingly top secret, making it one of the most popular prop bets to make. 

The 2007 hit “Please Don’t Stop the Music” is the odds-on favorite to start the show. Meanwhile, “Diamonds” and “Umbrella” are favored to close things out. Some of the other songs we could likely hear on Sunday include “SOS,” “We Found Love” and “Disturbia.”