Gronk, Brady disagree over this Super Bowl hypothetical


Rob Gronkowski has won four Super Bowl titles: three with the New England Patriots and one this past season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But would he give up any of his rings for a perfect season?

That was a question recently posed to his teammate, quarterback Tom Brady, who's been by Gronk's side for all four of those Super Bowls and won an additional three of his own. Brady's somewhat surprising answer? He'd trade two of his Super Bowl rings to have beaten the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII and complete a 19-0 season.

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Gronkowski wasn't with the Patriots for that heartbreaking loss that spoiled the team's perfect 2007 season, but ESPN's Mike Greenberg asked the Bucs tight end a similar hypothetical on the #Greeny podcast -- and got a different answer.

"I wouldn’t want to trade in any because I think there’s a chance, you know, in my life to be on a team like that," Gronkowski said. "So, I don’t feel like I have to trade in any Super Bowl rings.

"I see in the future I have a chance, you know, to be on a team like that, so I ain’t trading any rings. I've just got to keep going for it."


That Gronk feels differently than Brady isn't too surprising. For starters, he's not haunted by the "one Giant loss," as his QB appears to be. The rings also mean a little more if you only have four instead of Brady's seven.

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But it's notable that Gronk sees a perfect season in his future considering he was retired as of last year. The 31-year-old apparently thinks there's a real chance the Bucs run the table in 2021 or 2022 -- or he plans to pull a Brady and play into his 40s.

Tampa Bay is returning nearly the entire core of its Super Bowl champion team from 2020, so the outlook for this season looks good. But if the Bucs go undefeated only to lose in the Super Bowl, we may want to check back in with Gronk about this hypothetical.