Gronk has classic, hilarious take on catching Brady's fade passes

/ by Dave Green
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On or off the football field, there's no one quite like Rob Gronkowski.

On the field, he's one of the most dominant tight ends in NFL history when healthy. And off the field, well... he's Gronk, the fun-loving life of the party who offers up classic quotes like "Yo soy fiesta."

After coming out of retirement to team up with Tom Brady again in Tampa, Gronkowski is rounding into form after a slow start, with very similar touchdown receptions in back-to-back weeks. 

That back-shoulder fade route is something Brady and Gronk perfected during nine seasons in New England, so it's no surprise that they're working their magic again with the Bucs -- and when asked about it Wednesday, Gronk's take was both classic and absolutely hilarious.

"It's like a saying my mom used to say: It must be maple syrup because butter don't drizzle like that." 

Wait... what? How does that make sense, Gronk?

"You don't got much time to react, and syrup drizzles; you've got to make that play. And a stick of butter, it's a block. You've got to put it in the microwave to melt it, that just takes too long."

Got it. That clears it right up.

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Whether or not the analogy makes sense, the Bucs offense with Brady and Gronk is rolling. Tampa Bay's 31.7 points per game scoring average ranks third in the NFL, and the Buccaneers' +80 scoring differential leads the league -- and that's before adding Antonio Brown into the mix.


If the Bucs' success continues, you can expect more touchdown catches -- and priceless quotes -- from Gronk.