What are chances Gronk unretires again? His agent has interesting response


Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski officially retired from the NFL for the second time Monday.

But could we still see him on the football field at some point this fall?

Well, it wouldn't be surprising, based on what Gronkowski's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, told ESPN's Adam Schefter shortly after the future Hall of Fame tight end announced his retirement on Instagram.

“It would not surprise me if Tom Brady calls him during the season to come back and Rob answers the call," Rosenhaus texted Schefter. "This is just my opinion but I wouldn’t be surprised if Rob comes back during the season or next season."

The football season is long and it's a grind, especially for older players like Gronkowski. Not only is he 33 years old, he's been through several surgeries, injuries and a whole lot of wear and tear during his 11 seasons. 

Taking a few months off and coming back in late October or early November wouldn't be the worst idea. He already has plenty of chemistry with Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and knows Tampa Bay's offense. It's not like there would be a huge adjustment period in that regard. The key for Gronkowski would just be staying in shape while he's not playing.


There is, of course, a good chance Gronkowski actually is done. He played for over a decade and is arguably the best tight end in league history. His stats are incredible and he won four Super Bowl titles -- three with the New England Patriots and one with the Bucs.

The Hall of Fame is the next stop for Gronkowski if he remains retired.