When Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady all consider you a role model, you know you're doing something right.

That's the case for Devin McCourty. The New England Patriots safety was honored Tuesday night in a fundraiser for Boston Uncornered -- an organization McCourty supports that redirects youths involved in gangs to help them obtain an education and a steady job -- and the Patriots owner, head coach and (former) quarterback all joined to share their praise.

Kraft and his son, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft, donated $100,000 to Boston Uncornered during the fundraiser. The Patriots owner also worked in a zinger about Brady, who left New England after 20 years to sign with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency.

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"One of the thrills when you have the privilege to own an NFL team is you get to meet people like Devin and (twin brother and Patriots cornerback) Jason (McCourty)," Kraft said.

"You could even see that fellow -- I forget his name, he used to play quarterback who left -- he really wishes he was still with you here. I could hear it in his voice."

Brady indeed had glowing words for McCourty in a pre-recorded message that played during the fundraiser.

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"I know sometimes you wouldn't think I'd be looking up to you, because I'm a lot older than you," Brady said. "But the reality is, I have. I've learned more from you than you've probably ever learned from me.


"You're using all the wonderful things pro football has taught you to bring a voice to those who don't quite have the voice that we have. You fight for people that can't often fight for themselves. It's a very endearing quality about you, among other things."

Belichick offered a similar message, calling McCourty the ultimate role model who has inspired him to be a stronger advocate for change.

"Conversations across our country and within our team will help lead to paving the way for a better future," Belichick said. "Following your lead, and the example of other incredible men on our team, I look forward to increasing my role in this process. Healthy discussion leads to actions. And actions that you have brought to the forefront have resulted in progress."

Belichick apparently has already put that inspiration into action, having conversations with his players last week following the murder of George Floyd and reportedly bringing in a local ACLU leader to speak to the team.

Suffice it to say, McCourty and his brother Jason have had a huge impact on the Patriots' organization. If only they could have convinced Brady to stick around for another year...

Check out the full Boston Uncorned fundraiser below: