Ryan Clark makes quite the comparison to Bill Belichick following Patriots win


Bill Belichick has been called the greatest coach of all time before, that's nothing new.

Former NFL safety Ryan Clark took accolades for Belichick just a bit further following the New England Patriots' 14-10 win  on Monday Night Football, in which the team attempted just three passes against the Buffalo Bills.

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Clark, who played 13 NFL seasons -- eight with the Pittsburgh Steelers, in direct competition with the Patriots -- compared Belichick with a fairly prominent historical figure.

“Bill Belichick is the greatest of all time," Clark said. "He understands how to build football teams in his likeness and image ... you know the only other person they talked about building things in their likeness and image? It was in the Bible, it was God."

It's quite the comparison from Clark, but it was quite the game plan for the Patriots in what were some biblical winds at times on Monday night.

Clark has seemingly come a long way, having threatened to quit ESPN five years ago if New England was to acquire Richard Sherman.