Sorry, Wentz but Brady's still the MVP

Sorry, Wentz but Brady's still the MVP

There’s been a lot of talk about a burgeoning Philly-Boston rivalry this week. A big part of that is that the cities have the top two candidates for NFL MVP this season. Should the Eagles and Pats meet in February, it would mark the second straight season in which the top two MVP vote-getters squared off in the Super Bowl. 


But make no mistake: While Carson Wentz and Tom Brady are the front-runners for the award, the winner should without question be Brady. He’s having the better season. 

The allure with Wentz is that he’s a lot better than we thought a lot sooner than we thought. In just his second year, he’s an absolute stud: 28 touchdowns, five picks, 2,657 passing yards and a 73.4 total QBR. 

Yet for all the different ways you can try to define what the MVP means in the NFL (Best player? Best player on the best team? Most touchdowns?) it surely doesn’t mean “surprisingly great player of the year.” 

And that’s where Brady comes in. His performance has come as no surprise: 26 TDs, three picks, 3,374 passing yards and a 71.4 total QBR. 

While Wentz edges Brady in touchdowns and total QBR, Brady blows him out of the water in passing yards, touchdown/interception ratio and completion percentage (68.4 percent to 60.2 percent). 

What makes this a fun discussion is that Brady hasn’t run away with the MVP so much so that he can’t be caught. With a stellar finish to the season, Wentz can wrest it from him. But what about Brady’s finish to the season? 

The Patriots have five games remaining. One of them is against Pittsburgh, which should provide a challenge. Look at the other four, however, and Brady could really do some damage. The Pats have two games against the Bills, who rank 22nd against the pass this season. Another is against the Dolphins, on whom Brady just dropped four touchdowns. By the time the Pats even face the Jets in Week 17, they might not even need to use Brady.

The Eagles have some easy opponents too: Wentz should be able to perform against the poor passing defenses of Dallas, Oakland and the Giants. But will it be enough to surpass Brady? The guess here is no. Plus, Wentz’ current three-game streak without an interception is his longest of the season. That could end this week against the Seahawks. 

Should Philadelphia and Boston turn into a multi-sport rivalry, Wentz and Brady could be a big part of it. They just aren’t yet because, as usual, it’s tough for anyone to touch Tom Brady. 

Patriots announce they will start training camp on July 26th

Patriots announce they will start training camp on July 26th

The New England Patriots announced Thursday they will officially begin their 59th annual training camp on Thursday, July 26th. 

Exact times of the practices will be updated on the team's website, and the practices are free to the public as they will take place on the fields behind Gillette Stadium. 

New England is coming off a Super Bowl loss to the Philadelphia Eagles and an MVP season from Tom Brady. Following all the drama from Brady and Rob Gronkowski's absence from voluntary workouts, the Patriots must be looking forward to getting on the practice field to possbily head toward a sixth championship. 


McGinest sees a possible dramatic Brady retirement

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McGinest sees a possible dramatic Brady retirement

What’s one more opinion when it comes to the caucophony of chatter wondering when Tom Brady will retire. 

Yesterday our Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran laid out the viewpoints of everyone from Brady himself, to Brady’s agent Don Yee, to Patriots chairman and CEO Robert Kraft and others . . . and there wasn’t much of a consensus. 

Now Willie McGinest, one of Brady’s former teammates, has weighed in. 

Just another shot in the dark from another talking head asked to opine on the topic? Not exactly. McGinest and Brady have had a good relationship for a long time, but perhaps even more noteworthy is that McGinest is the person who introduced Brady to Alex Guerrero. 

McGinest saying that if Brady wins Super Bowl LIII he could “walk off” doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what will happen. Nor does it mean it’s what Guerrero believes. But it’s a take that could reasonably be placed in a box labeled “informed opinion.”