Ted Johnson: Why Bill Belichick may want Tom Brady to sign with Buccaneers


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the latest team to be thrown into the Tom Brady rumor mill.

Wednesday, a report from the Tampa Bay Times stated the Bucs are "going all in" to acquire Brady once the longtime New England Patriots quarterback officially becomes an unrestricted free agent March 18. While that doesn't seem like the most attractive destination for Brady, the Buccaneers have the cap space to potentially intrigue the 42-year-old with an enticing offer.

Appearing on NBC Sports Boston's "Early Edition," ex-Pats linebacker Ted Johnson explained why head coach Bill Belichick may actually prefer Brady sign with Tampa Bay if he doesn't return to New England.

I think the Krafts and I think Bill Belichick would be totally fine with Tom going to Tampa. You know why? Because I think Bill thinks Tom isn't going to win there. They're not going to be successful. It's just an inherently bad franchise. Tom going there is not going to all of a sudden turn around their fortunes.

So, I feel like this is getting personal. So I'm basically saying that Bill Belichick wants to see Tom Brady fail. He might, so I wouldn't be surprised if there would be a part of him that's like, 'Yeah, go ahead, Tom. Go to Tampa.'

Obviously, that's speculation on Johnson's part. But it's worth noting that Brady and Belichick recently had a phone conversation about Brady's future and that conversation "didn't go well." So if the two do part ways after 20 years of success together, perhaps Belichick would relish in Brady being unable to achieve that same level of success with a new head coach.


The Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Chargers, and Las Vegas Raiders have also been mentioned as potential destinations for Brady if he leaves the Patriots. As Brady recently told former Pats offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, though, "nobody knows anything" about his future plans.