Bruschi shares amazing story of Tom Brady's addiction to winning


Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has officially retired from the NFL, and he says it's "for good" this time.

Assuming a second comeback attempt won't happen, we can finally close the final chapter of the most extraordinary career in pro football history.

Brady's accomplishments speak for themselves. He owns many single season and career records from the regular season and playoffs. He's also won a record seven Super Bowl titles, five Super Bowl MVP awards and three league MVP awards.

Report details Brady's interesting FA mindset prior to retirement

One person who knows Brady quite is his former New England Patriots teammate Tedy Bruschi.

Brady and Bruschi played together in New England for nine seasons from 2000 through 2008. They won three Super Bowl championships (2001, 2003, 2004) as teammates. 

Bruschi is now an ESPN analyst, and he appeared on the network's "Get Up" morning show Wednesday and told a fantastic story about Brady's addition to winning. 

Even at the Pro Bowl, Brady was thinking about winning the Super Bowl the following season. It's also another example of the mentality Brady always had where his favorite Super Bowl ring was "the next one."

Few players in any sport have ever played with the type of competitiveness we saw from Brady for more than two decades. Michael Jordan is one of the best comparisons. They wanted to win at any cost, and they put in the work and effort to be the best at their respective craft.