Tom Brady addresses future in football with Cristiano Ronaldo


Yet again, Tom Brady is behaving like a player who at the very least is unsure if he's actually, truly, honestly, 100 percent retired.

Brady has some time on his hands since announcing his retirement without actually using the word "retired" in early February, and has most recently used that time to take in an English Premier League match involving Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United -- a club which is owned by the Glazer family, which also owns...the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady's employers for his final two NFL seasons.

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Some dots could be connected by Brady's visit across the pond with his two sons to see the Glazers alone, but it's his interaction with Ronaldo on the pitch -- an interaction Brady himself shared on his Instagram story -- which is the latest example of Brady seemingly wavering on his decision to call it quits after 22 seasons.

Though not completely audible, it sure sounded like Brady was telling Ronaldo "that's what I don't know" when the soccer star asked if he was "finished."

The Buccaneers have Brady's rights for 2022 in the event he does unretire after he signed a one-year extension with the team in March 2021 after winning Super Bowl LV.  But Brady's relationship with Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians has reportedly deteriorated after just two seasons -- a charge which Arians vehemently denied.


As the quarterback carousel begins to spin fast and furious, Brady's status for 2022 will begin to come into focus with moves that teams do -- and don't -- make over the next few weeks as free agency begins and the NFL Draft follows at the end of April.