Tom Brady explains why he didn't shake Nick Foles' hand after loss

/ by Justin Leger
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Nick Foles' victory over Tom Brady in Week 5 brought back memories of the Philadelphia Eagles' win over the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

After Philly's win, Brady ran straight to the locker room rather than staying on the field to shake Foles' hand. The 43-year-old quarterback snubbed Foles again after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' loss to the Chicago Bears.

It would be one thing if Brady did this to other opposing QBs, but this seems to be a trend with Foles. Brady has recently shared a postgame embrace with Drew Brees, Justin Herbert and Aaron Rodgers, so what gives?

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Brady was asked about snubbing Foles during his Thursday press conference.

"I didn't even think about that," Brady said with a laugh. "I think Nick Foles is a hell of a player and a Super Bowl champ. I don't know one reason or another why I wouldn't do that. Sometimes I run off the field, sometimes I haven't.

"Sometimes if I have a personal relationship like I have with Drew and Justin and Aaron over the years -- I don't know, I don't think it's anything in particular other than I have great admiration for Nick and I think he's a hell of a player. [The Bears] are off to a great start.'

Will that explanation put an end to "HandshakeGate"? Probably not. While Brady's personal relationships with Brees and Rodgers are a decent excuse, the six-time Super Bowl champion had no issue shaking hands with 22-year-old rookie Herbert after beating the Los Angeles Chargers.


We'll just have to wait patiently for Brady vs. Foles Pt. 3 to see if the handshake snubs continue.