There have been two primary reactions to Tom Brady's Met Gala appearance. Both of them are horrible and wrong. 

One is that he didn't look good. The other is that him going to the Met Gala is somehow a problem in this offseason of uncertainty. 

The first part doesn't really matter; he wore something and people reacted. Welcome to the Internet. The Internet was just wrong in this case. 

In case you haven't seen it, Brady's look was very dark. Black suit with gold embroidery on the lapel and pants, black turtleneck, slicked down to the side. 

Now, Tom Brady is the most overrated person looks-wise on the planet, but Monday he deserved praise. Instead, he became a target of the I-wrote-abouts. Check out these cool headlines!

Tom Brady gets savagely mocked for outfit he wore to Met Gala (Washington Post)

NFL fans hilariously roasted Tom Brady's outfit at the Met Gala (For the Win)

The summary of those posts: Every person on the Internet thought they were being clever by saying Brady was dressed like Steven Seagal. Good one. 

Yet one is entitled to their opinion regarding whether Brady's attire was good or bad. What should not be debatable is that Brady going to the Met Gala, as he and Gisele often do, provides any sort of update on his potentially rocky status with the Patriots. 


But the Met Gala is the least of Brady's problems as it relates to the Patriots. The fact that he's a celebrity and likes being one has nothing to do with his status with the Patriots. The issue, seemingly, is that his celebrity has helped grow his side business, which also happens to be a business that has created conflict for the Patriots as it relates to the training and conditioning of their players. 

Brady has been like this for years. He wears things for the same reason most people wear things: because they like them. He doesn't freak out at someone wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. No need to freak out over what he's wearing. People have to wear some type of clothes.