Tom Brady reacts to Anthony Edwards' impressive arm in viral video


On Tuesday night, Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards posted what is now a viral video of himself working out on a football practice field at Georgia Tech. The video includes Edwards throwing a football across the field as well as him practicing a run as a receiver.

The 20-year-old can be heard at the end of the video jokingly asking, "What y'all think? I got a profession in this s--t or what? Pay me."

Tom Brady responded Wednesday afternoon claiming that the NBA player is "playing the wrong sport." Recognizing that Edwards will make $44.3 million over the course of his rookie contract, Brady conceded that the money in the NBA is better than money in the NFL.

The shooting guard continued his banter about the possibility of switching sports in his quick reply to Brady's post. Offering to replace Rob Gronkowski's spot on Tampa Bay, Edwards tweeted "Gronk gone, so what's up???"

Although it is unlikely that Edwards will give up his NBA career, he proved his strong athletic abilities and managed to get recognition from arguably the best quarterback of all time, all while having fun playing the sport that first won his heart.