Tom Brady is widely considered to be the greatest quarterback of all-time, or, more commonly, the "G.O.A.T."

But on Super Bowl Sunday, Brady let the world know who he thinks the GOAT is.

The NFL posted an Instagram picture of Bill Belichick smiling and flashing his rings at Super Bowl 54 as part of the ceremony honoring the NFL's All-Time team. And Brady commented on the post with a simple message: "Goat".

It's hard to disagree with that assessment. Nobody in NFL history has more Super Bowl titles than Belichick, who has won six as the Patriots head coach and won two as the defensive coordinator of the New York Giants. And his excellent coaching has kept the Patriots relevant in the postseason conversation for the better part of two decades.

It's nice to see Brady giving props to Belichick, especially as Brady is set to hit free agency. It seems that the two still have a solid relationship even after a trying season in Foxboro.