Six New England Patriots players already have opted out of the 2020 NFL season, and others across the league are doing the same.

But two former Patriots stars would like you to know they're all in on football this fall.

Amid a flurry of opt-out announcements Tuesday, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski conspicuously expressed his excitement for the upcoming season.

Buccaneers quarterback and fellow ex-Patriot Tom Brady seconded Gronkowski's motion.

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Brady showed up at the Bucs' facility Monday, while Gronk (in theory) reported for duty Tuesday, the NFL's training camp report date for all veteran players.

That two of the best players in Patriots franchise history are deciding to play for a team that's not New England in 2020 -- while several key Pats players opt out -- might be a tough pill to swallow for Patriots fans.

But COVID-19 has forced each NFL player to make the decision that's best for himself and his family, and no player should be judged for either sitting out the 2020 season or deciding to play.

Patriots quarterback Cam Newton also seems very eager to play this season, so it appears we will see both Brady's replacement and the six-time Super Bowl champion himself take the field this fall.

And Brady's Bucs teammates are very excited about that.


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