Tom Brady has yet to take his first snap as the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but he's already feeling rejuvenated down in Florida.

It's no secret the ex-Patriots QB was less than thrilled during his last few years in New England for a number of reasons, particularly his contract situation and Bill Belichick's head coaching style finally wearing on him after two decades. In Tampa, though, things seem to be brighter. Especially now that he has his favorite tight end Rob Gronkowski back by his side.

Brady's personal throwing coach, Tom House, shed some light on the 42-year-old's recent mindset in a video chat with GQ Sports.

“I think the most fun texts we’ve had is when Gronk signed,” House said. “Tom texted me and said, ‘Football’s fun again.'”

Ouch. There's that "fun" word again. Looks like Brady and Gronk really are adopting the Lane Johnson philosophy after all.

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House also went into detail about how he works with Brady on his throwing motion.

“When he sends a video, I pretend like I’ve never seen it before, and he’ll either text me or leave me a voicemail and say, ‘Look, I just filmed about 20 throws. Have a look. Give me a shout if you see anything, or let’s talk this afternoon or tomorrow. And we’ll do it,'” House said.


“We look at initially his timing and his kinetic sequencing, and then the throwing variables that most coaches would teach: balance and posture, stride and momentum, opposite and equal. And then the throwing variables that are quantified and specific to him. He’ll have his [screen] capture in front of him and I’ll say, ‘on your third throw to the left have a look at that, your front side flew open a bit. That’ll just be my eyes talking, and I’ll give him some of the cues that we use in his vocabulary for his teach. It’s just like being there, but we’re looking at video at the same time.”

Brady has done plenty of throwing lately as he's been holding private workouts, despite the NFLPA's recommendation to avoid practicing with others amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apparently, working out with his new Bucs teammates has simply been too fun for the six-time Super Bowl champion to pass up.