You could have just stopped at the first one, Tom.

Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took some mild heat a few weeks ago when it was revealed that his agency filed to trademark "TB x TB" on the same day he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in free agency.

But if you think that's cringe-worthy, check out the two trademarks Brady's business arm filed for this week, according to trademark lawyer Josh Gerben:

"Tompa Bay" and "Tampa Brady"? Woof.

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According to The Action Network's Darren Rovell, Brady intends to put these hideous slogans on clothing.

A brief defense of Brady: 1) TEB Capital Management filed the trademark, so there's a good chance the QB has nothing to do with this; 2) Brady once claimed he filed a trademark because he didn't like it and wanted to prevent others from using it, so that could be what's happening here (despite Rovell's reporting).

Either way, Brady is cracking jokes about the trademarks by wondering why New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees hasn't taken advantage of his name by making bad puns:

What everyone can agree on? "Tompa Bay" and "Tampa Brady" are not good. Not one bit.

That's just a small sampling.

Terrible trademarks aside, Brady is still a very popular guy in Tompa Tampa: His No. 12 jersey is selling in record numbers at the Bucs' team store, while 2020 season tickets also have seen a huge spike in demand.