I had no idea Tom Brady was so dumb. Will somebody tell him if he gets COVID-19 that Tony Robbins, The Russo Brothers or Oprah can’t cure him. 

If only that concussion water that he and Alex the Quack were pushing had actually worked, because then Tompa Bay Brady wouldn’t have made brain dead statements like, “No excuses” or “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” in response to facing the coronavirus.

Despite orders from the NFL and the house of common sense, Brady is full steam ahead with workouts with his new teammates.

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Avoiding a disease that can kill you or a loved one is enough of an excuse for me, Tom.

When President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “All we have to fear is fear itself” during his 1933 Inaugural Address, he wasn’t dealing with a pandemic that had killed close to a half a million people worldwide and 126,000 (and counting) in the United States. And oh, Tom must have flunked Geography 101 at Michigan because he is making these irresponsible statements and conducting this irresponsible behavior in Florida, the hottest of COVID-19 hotbeds right now.

As I write this, the Miami Herald reported a new single-day record of over 9,000 coronavirus cases. Hey, but they had a great time beer balling, pool jamming and beach crowding their way to that record. All those Floridians should be so proud.

Can we give that state away?

Brady must realize that by not following protocol he his putting his family at risk. Their age and health history have Brady’s parents in the danger zone. If he gets sick, he cannot go near them. Furthermore, what if he is sick and doesn’t know it?


It can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show up.  Yes, NFL players will be tested once in camp, but is Brady being tested daily now? Hopefully, Alex the Quack isn’t handling those test tubes.

Tom has lost me on this one. I can’t root for this guy anymore. This is not the same kid that the Patriots drafted out of Michigan.

I understand we all change with time and age, but unfortunately, Tom Brady has changed for the worse.