Last week, Tom Brady sent the New England sports landscape into a frenzy as many tried to decode a cryptic tweet he sent out.

The tweet featured a black-and-white photo of Brady walking into or out of a stadium (depending on who you asked). Speculation ran rampant after the tweet and potential options for what the post meant ranged from retirement to leaving the Patriots to being a tribute for Kobe Bryant.

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But on Super Bowl Sunday, the source of the tweet was revealed. It was a photo from a Hulu ad.

Brady was the latest athlete to join in the "Hulu has live sports" campaign. And here's a look at the advertisement per his official Twitter account.

The biggest takeaway is the fact that Brady said, "I'm not going anywhere" at the end of his tweet.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Brady is coming back to New England. He still could leave via free agency. But it seemingly would indicate that he isn't planning on retiring this offseason.

And if Brady does return to the Patriots, Jason McCourty is wondering if his teammates will get free Hulu.

We'll have to see if Brady has a response to that.

So, thus ends the "Brady cryptic Twitter picture" saga. But surely, there will be more speculation about where Brady will be playing in 2020 as he enters free agency for the first time in his 20-year career.