Unfortunately, Julian Edelman is primed for huge drop-off with Patriots

Unfortunately, Julian Edelman is primed for huge drop-off with Patriots

Julian Edelman is so screwed. 

And it really bums me out. 

I like Jules a lot. Okay ...

I LOVE JULAN EDELMAN and I don’t care who knows it!

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I love him more than Tompa Brady, Bill Belichick, Nike, Dr. Fauci (a close second to Jules), Brie Larson — have you seen "Captain Marvel"? — and me. Yes, I love him more than Gary Tanguay.   

This kid deserves better. A seventh round pick out of Kent State at 5-foot-10, he made the move from quarterback to wide receiver and is one the most clutch performers at his position of all-time. His double-clutch snag against the Falcons in Super Bowl 51 to me is unmatched. His book "Relentless," co-authored with our own Tom E. Curran, describes his persona perfectly. 

And now he's 33 going on 34 and is pretty much done. There is no way that “Stid the Kid” can put the ball where Jules needs it the way Brady could.

My biggest concern is that Bill’s pet, Stidham — hey, let’s just call him Nike 2 — is going to mess up and lay Jules out. Then it’ll be Good Night, JE11. 

DISCLAIMER: At the time I wrote this, Andy Dalton was not a Patriot. If that changes, nothing changes for Jules. Got it?

Let’s face it, Edelman should probably quit for the sake of his head. We know, Seahawk Super Bowl included, this guy has sacrificed his body and mind to unspeakable measures.

I have always been a fan, but after spending time with his former teammates at Kent State during a Tanguay Takes America Tour and watching his documentary, I fell hard for Jules. 

One of his teammates from his college days who shall remain nameless — not because I am trying to protect him, but because I forgot his name — told us that a number of times Edelman, the smallest guy in the room, would find himself in a brawl. His teammates would look at each other and say, “Okay, let’s go save his ass.” 

The pick-up basketball games he played were legendary for their battles. A game wouldn’t go by without him getting pissed at a roommate, not talking to a guy or throwing some mean elbows. The guy hated — no, hates — to lose. That’s what connected him to Tompa Brady.

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Will Nike 2 have that same desire to win? I don’t know if anyone on the planet does. Okay, maybe Jordan — but he’s a whiskey-drinking TV star now. 

I also feel bad for Jules because he never got paid. The $12 million guaranteed he received in his last deal was his financial peak. Twelve million? The guy has been robbed. Remember when no one wanted him, and he came back to New England at a bargain? He played so damn well he made Wes Welker forgettable — and that’s saying something.  

But the most endearing quality about Julian Edelman is that he takes his job seriously but not himself. I wish we could say the same about Tompa Brady.

Jules is a talented guy who is naturally funny, and unlike Gronk will have a long career in the entertainment business when his playing days are over. His Two Ferns rip off and other digital posts can be very funny. I thought he tried a little too hard with his documentary, but hey, you can’t win them all ... even though Mark Wahlberg was pretty funny. Jules has to be in "Daddy’s Home 3." The best part of that film was the father-son relationship, by the way.

Listen, I could go on and on about this guy, but the sad truth is Bill Belichick has his legacy, an island and a pile of cash. Tompa Brady has the TB12 cult, a city he named after himself and a pile of cash.

On the flip side, Julian Edelman, one of the greatest competitors of our time, will be left out in the cold. 

And it’s a F#$%^& shame!

Patriots' Dont'a Hightower used Super Bowl LI to support fiancée during labor

Patriots' Dont'a Hightower used Super Bowl LI to support fiancée during labor

The greatest comeback in Super Bowl history is three and a half years old, but it certainly isn't forgotten.

Just ask Patriots linebacker Dont'a Hightower, who brought up New England's miraculous Super Bowl LI victory over the Atlanta Falcons while his fiancée, Morgan Hart, was delivering their baby. Seriously.

Hightower told The Boston Globe's Stan Grossfeld he started chanting "28-3, 28-3" and "Never give up" while Hart entered her 17th hour of labor with their first child last month.

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Apparently the motivational tactic worked, as Hart said Hightower's words helped her push through and deliver their baby boy, Grayson, on July 16.

"It was surreal," Hart told Grossfeld. “It was a long night and a long day, and he kept reminding me, ‘28-3, 28-3,′ meaning you can be behind and come back. Never, never give up."

That's a reference to the deficit New England faced in the third quarter of Super Bowl LI before rallying to win in overtime -- thanks in large part to Hightower's strip sack of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan early in the fourth quarter.

Hightower still uses the 28-3 reference "all the time," per Grossfeld, but his focus won't be on football in 2020. The 30-year-old linebacker is one of eight Patriots players who have decided to opt out of the 2020 season.

"Not knowing too much about the COVID thing, I don’t want to jeopardize the health of my family," Hightower told Grossfeld. "I understand you can still catch it by going to the grocery store, but I’m not going to put my family’s health at risk for money.

"It’s family first. I want to take all the opportunity that I can to be a great father."

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Donald Trump says he'd ask Patriots' Bill Belichick for military advice

Donald Trump says he'd ask Patriots' Bill Belichick for military advice

You wouldn't seek out a military general for tips on NFL roster building, but Donald Trump apparently believes there's some transferrable wisdom between the battlefield and gridiron.

During an interview Tuesday on The Hugh Hewitt Show, President Trump was asked whether he believes Bill Belichick has a better chance of winning a Super Bowl with the New England Patriots this year than Tom Brady does with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Trump responded with a diplomatic answer -- that included some eye-opening praise for Belichick.

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"I think they’re both going to do great. They’re both friends of mine," Trump told Hewitt. "I’ll tell you, Belichick is an incredible coach, and I think he’s going to do really well. This guy just knows how to win. And he’s a very good friend of mine. He’s a winner.

"You know, if I ever had a military battle, I’d call up Belichick and say, 'What do you think? ... Give me a couple of ideas.' And he'd be as good as any general out there."

Belichick is a master strategist who relies on knowledge, adaptability and thorough preparation to put the Patriots in the best position to succeed. Those are all qualities of a successful military general, and perhaps Belichick could have been one in another life.

Alas, Belichick is a football coach with zero military credentials (aside from his father coaching at Navy), so we're not sure he's the best person to call about battle strategy.

Trump has touted his friendship with Belichick and Brady over the years, reading a letter of support from the Patriots coach on the eve of his election in 2016 and bringing up the former Patriots quarterback in various public appearances.

The President clearly still enjoys referencing both Patriots icons, even if his understanding of Belichick's talents is a bit off.