Weather forecast for Sunday's Patriots-Bills game calls for brutal conditions


The fall season is in full swing, and the weather conditions for Sunday's Week 8 game between the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills at Bills Stadium are expected to be brutal.

Mike Cejka of WIVB-TV News 4 Buffalo tweeted a picture of the weather forecast for this weekend's matchup, and it shows massive wind gusts potentially reaching between 25 and 50 mph, in addition to rain.

These sloppy conditions could actually benefit the Patriots, who are at their best offensively when the run game is firing on all cylinders.

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Passing the ball in heavy winds and rain is difficult, to say the least. The Patriots' passing attack ranks last in touchdowns and 27th in yards per game. If the weather forces both teams to run the ball more often than usual, New England could be in luck.

The Patriots are No. 4 in yards per carry and tally the fifth-most rushing yards per game entering Week 8. Patriots quarterback Cam Newton has been a huge part of that success on the ground. He ranks fifth among all QBs with 244 rushing yards and his five rushing touchdowns is tied for the most at his position.

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The Bills have struggled on the ground this season. They average the fourth-fewest rushing yards per game and are among nine teams tallying fewer than four yards per carry.


Both teams have plenty of experience in rainy, windy weather playing in the Northeast, so there shouldn't be a huge advantage for one side or the other if the conditions are horrible. But as a team that finds a lot of its success offensively in the run game, a miserable day in Buffalo might be a benefit to the Patriots as they try to end a three-game win streak and turn around their season.