Why Belichick didn't challenge blown call in Pats-Chiefs


A blown call by the officials in the second quarter of Monday night's Patriots-Chiefs matchup had fans yelling at the television for a challenge flag, and it's easy to understand why.

The Pats defense appeared to force a Patrick Mahomes turnover, only for the refs to blow a quick whistle and rule the play a sack. While the Chiefs' drive ended with a punt, it cost New England valuable field position and momentum.

Watch below:

So why didn't Belichick challenge the play? Well, he simply couldn't.

Since the refs called forward progress, the play cannot be reviewed. Belichick gave his explanation to reporters after the game, as did referee Tony Corrente.

It won't ease fans' frustrations over the questionable call, but it's at least an explanation for why Belichick didn't try to overturn it.

The Patriots kept it close for most of Monday night's game, but the Chiefs ultimately pulled away thanks to a few crucial New England mistakes and earned the 26-10 win.