The Tampa Bay Buccaneers enlisted their star wide receiver to help unveil their sharp new uniforms.

Makes sense, right? It did ... until Tom Brady showed up.

Buccaneers wideout Chris Godwin joined linebackers Devin White and Lavonte David to model new threads for 2020 that the team revealed Tuesday in a hype video.

The one issue: Godwin is wearing No. 12 in the video -- the same No. 12 he allowed Brady to take when the former New England Patriots quarterback signed with Tampa Bay in free agency.

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This discrepancy didn't go unnoticed on Twitter, which let the Bucs have it over their mix-up:

The blowback was enough for the Bucs to set the record straight: They filmed this hype video before Brady signed, and before Godwin had switched to No. 14.

This checks out, as all photos on the team's website feature Godwin rocking No. 14 in the new uniform.

We don't know how long ago the video was filmed, but the fact that Godwin appears wearing No. 12 is a good indicator the Bucs really weren't serious suitors for Brady until the final few days before free agency.

It sounds like there's no hard feelings between Godwin and Brady over the jersey change, though -- and both No. 12 and No. 14 should sell very well on the team's website.