Why Edelman loved Belichick's disheveled press conference look


How would you feel if your boss showed up to a public appearance looking like he had just survived the zombie apocalypse?

That's essentially what New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman was asked Friday morning about his head coach, Bill Belichick, who wore the rattiest sweatshirt he could find to his press conference Wednesday.

Some called Belichick out for looking unprofessional, but the Patriots coach apparently knew what he was doing -- because Edelman was a huge fan of the look.

"The respect level goes up the roof for a guy (who) just doesn't care what he looks like," Edelman told WEEI's "The Greg Hill Show" on Friday, via Ryan Hannable. "He just cares about results and getting the job done."

Edelman agrees with ex-Patriots running back Danny Woodhead, who tweeted Thursday that Belichick's look was "his absolute favorite thing" about the Patriots head coach.

Cassel: In Belichick's mind, he's always dressed for success

Edelman and Woodhead's reactions suggest Matt Cassel was onto something. The ex-Patriots quarterback noted Thursday in a column for NBC Sports Boston that he always appreciated Belichick for caring more about what he says and does instead of how he looks.

Belichick's outfit Wednesday certainly drove that ironic point home: The less he cares about how he looks, the more it appears he cares about his players and his job.


The Patriots coach may have to wear something nicer Sunday when the Patriots host the 2-0 Las Vegas Raiders, but don't expect a suit and tie.