Jackson references Pierce incident in explanation for Ravens exit


Lamar Jackson has a story and he's sticking to it.

The Baltimore Ravens quarterback exited Monday night's game against the Cleveland Browns late in the third quarter with what the team announced as a cramping issue.

Jackson heroically returned in the fourth quarter to lead Baltimore to a wild 47-42 upset. But after watching Jackson hurry to the locker room only to run back out no worse for wear, some wondered if the QB's issue involved a bowel movement rather than a lack of limb movement.

Jackson apparently heard this chatter, and made a great reference to clear the air.

"I didn’t pull a Paul Pierce," Jackson told reporters after the game. "I was cramping."

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Quick refresher: Pierce appeared to go down with a serious injury in Game 1 of the 2008 NBA Finals and left the court in a wheelchair. He returned shortly after, though, and admitted last year that he faked the injury to seek digestive relief in the bowels of TD Garden.

So, when Jackson gingerly jogged off the field, many assumed he was following Pierce's lead.

The Ravens star doubled down on Twitter after the game, however, insisting he had calf cramps.

Will Jackson come clean 10 years later in a tell-all interview? Or was he actually telling the truth? That's between the QB and whoever else was in the Browns locker room when he entered.

In any case, the Ravens are glad Jackson found relief, as they're now one game in back of the Browns in the AFC West and have a shot at overtaking the Miami Dolphins for the final AFC Wild Card spot.