Brady faces heat from Arians, NFL critics after Bucs loss

/ by Darren Hartwell
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Tom Brady made some errors in judgment during and after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' loss to the Los Angeles Rams. And he's being held accountable for both.

The former New England Patriots quarterback didn't complete a single deep pass Monday night, going 0-for-6 with a pair of interceptions on pass attempts longer than 20 yards.

The morning after the 27-24 defeat, Bucs head coach Bruce Arians offered some blunt feedback about Brady's shortcomings in that department.

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"We've got the guys open. We've just missed 'em," Arians told reporters Tuesday.

" ... Other than the deep ball, I think he's getting confused a few times with coverage that might be causing some inaccurate balls, but I don't see it at all in practice. We're not missing the deep ball in practice, that's for sure, so it's just a matter of, on Sundays, hitting 'em."

This isn't the first time Arians has openly critiqued Brady's play, nor will it be the last. But the 43-year-old will need to do more than connect on a couple deep balls next week to avoid public criticism.


That's because Brady snubbed another quarterback Monday night, jogging off the field after the final whistle while Jared Goff stood at midfield waiting to shake his hand.

Lest you think Brady was just trying to social distance, the QB happily shot the postgame breeze with Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers earlier this season and even shared a moment with rookie Justin Herbert after beating the Chargers.

But Brady has now left Goff and Bears quarterback Nick Foles hanging after losses to their teams -- and pundits are calling him on it.

Brady is held to a very high standard -- as a six-time Super Bowl champion should be -- but failed to meet that standard Monday in more ways than one.

Next up for the Bucs are Patrick Mahomes and the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs, so all eyes will be on Brady during and after the game to see how he responds.