Patriots legend poses interesting question for fans amid helmet rule change


When reports surfaced last week that the NFL was changing its alternate helmet rule for the 2022 season and thus allowing a bunch of throwback uniform combos to return soon, many New England Patriots fans were excited for one combo in particular.

That was the classic "Pat Patriot" helmet and the red jerseys the team wore for several decades. 

But there's another iconic Patriots throwback set that fans are interested in bringing back soon. It's the old school blue jerseys with the "Flying Elvis" helmet New England wore for much of the 1990s.

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Patriots legend Willie McGinest, who won three Super Bowl titles with the franchise after it drafted him in 1994, tweeted an interesting question for fans Thursday afternoon:

In a battle featuring the "Pat Patriot" helmet and red jerseys versus the combo McGinest tweeted about, the former probably would win. 

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But there's definitely a segment of the fan base with a deep appreciation for those 1990s blue jerseys. They represent one of the team's most successful eras pre-Tom Brady. And, to be honest, they look awesome.

The Patriots have a tough choice to make when deciding which throwback set to use in 2022 and beyond. The good news for the fans is they win either way, because both old school uniform combos are fantastic.