So far this offseason, it's fair to say Tom Brady hasn't gotten what he's wanted. 

The Patriots didn't pay to keep him, then the teams he reportedly preferred in free agency didn't want him, causing him to settle in Tampa for less than people expected Tampa to throw at him. 

But say ol' Tommy's luck starts to change and he gets what he wants going forward. What would that be? 

The other night on "Boston Sports Tonight" I asked Tommy Giles and Lou Merloni if they'd trade Julian Edelman to the Bucs. They both said yes.

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Then I threw up a poll on Twitter asking, "If you were the Patriots, would you trade Julian Edelman to the Bucs for a third-round pick?"

Look at these results!

What a poll! What a poll-maker!

Thursday night, The Adam Jones Show was discussing this poll and how good it was. During the Edelman discussion, a caller ringed in and wondered whether Brady would prefer to play with Edelman or his old friend Antonio Brown. Great, great question, and I'll tell ya whose antenna went straight up when he heard It: Sir Poll McCartney. Snooze ya lose, Arcand.  

Another super close one. Poll game like you dream about. 


The reason it's close is because it's a good question. Brown and Edelman are two very different players, but both mean a lot to Tom Brady. 

The case for Brown: He's maybe a trillion times better at football. He's younger by two years. 

The case for Edelman: He's far more dependable. Brown's destined for the exempt list or a suspension, and there's no telling what kind of mischief he'll get himself in next. 

But what really tips the scale is that Brady already has explosive guys in Tampa in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Edelman would provide him someone to hit underneath. And yes, Brown is versatile, too, but is he comfortable taking on a lesser role on a team that already has two star wideouts?

So if I'm Tom Brady? Yeah, I'll pull a Tom the GM again and try to get the Bucs to trade for Edelman before I open the can of worms that is Antonio Brown.