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Manny Ramirez amazed by Angels phenom Shohei Ohtani

Red Sox

Manny Ramirez was must-see TV whenever he stepped up onto the diamond. Between his "Manny Being Manny" antics and his status as one of the most feared right-handed hitters ever, few players have provided more entertainment than the former Boston Red Sox slugger.

But when it comes to Shohei Ohtani, Ramirez will be the first to admit the Los Angeles Angels phenom is otherworldly.

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Ohtani has succeeded as both an ace and as one of the best hitters in the game this season. He currently owns a 3.21 ERA in 14 starts along with a league-leading 34 home runs. Ramirez -- like all of us -- has been amazed by what Ohtani has been able to accomplish as a two-way player in MLB.

"That guy is a Martian, he is from another planet, he can hit with power, he throws at 98 mph, he has change, curve, slider. We must thank God that we are seeing this phenomenon," Ramirez told MLB insider Hector Gomez.

That's some high praise from the two-time World Series champion, and it's spot-on. Ohtani has unquestionably been the most fun player to watch in 2021, whether on the mound or at the plate. His first-half heroics resulted in him becoming the first player ever to pitch and hit in the MLB All-Star Game, starting on the mound for the American League and leading off as the designated hitter.

Ramirez's statement is a friendly reminder that we're witnessing history, and Ohtani's greatness shouldn't be taken for granted.