Tomase: MLB's Hunter Renfroe a big fan of NFL's Hunter Renfrow


Hunter Renfroe hits bombs and Hunter Renfrow catches them.

If the name of the newest Red Sox outfielder sounds familiar, it's because it also belongs to a Raiders wide receiver.

In his introductory Zoom with the Boston media on Monday, Renfroe was asked what it's like to balance careers in MLB and the NFL, a winking nod to his namesake.

"Me and Hunter Renfrow actually have a really good relationship and keep up with each other often," Renfroe said. "I'm excited for what their team is doing and how well he is doing, as well."

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Despite what some casual fans might think, the two Hunters are indeed different people. Hunter Renfroe is a 28-year-old slugger out of Mississippi State who blasted a career-high 33 home runs in 2019. Hunter Renfrow is a 24-year-old receiver out of Clemson who has 47 catches for 594 yards and two touchdowns, including one in Week 3 vs. the Patriots.

The two posed for a picture on Renfrow's Instagram in 2019, with the footballer joking, "Got to meet the real Hunter Renfrow tonight."

The baseball player reached the postseason for the first time this year with the Rays and slammed a pair of home runs, including one in the World Series. The football player is in his second season with the Raiders and on the postseason bubble following Sunday's blowout loss to the Colts, which dropped Vegas to 7-6.

He's better known for catching the winning last-second touchdown from Deshaun Watson in Clemson's victory over Alabama in the 2017 National Championship game -- a victory that earned Hunter Renfroe no shortage of congratulations on social media.


Per The Athletic, the two share a love of hunting, have dads who were multi-sport athletes, and grew up loving Chipper Jones of the Braves.

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They have one other thing in common, too -- Hunter is actually their middle name. The football player is James Hunter Renfrow, and the baseball player is Dustin Hunter Renfroe.

Huh. Dustin. Where have Red Sox fans heard that name?