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Oblivious Red Sox fan has no clue he's talking to Manny Ramirez

Red Sox

What is it this week about people not realizing they're talking to famous Boston athletes... when they're actually talking to famous Boston athletes?

First, there was the curious case of Jarome Iginla casually being interviewed about Saturday's snowstorm as just another commuter in the Boston area dealing with inclement weather.

And now we have another instance of it, albeit from the other side of the globe.

Here's the scene: Manny Ramirez -- who recently changed his Sox from Red to Blue by signing a one-year contract with Australia's Sydney Blue Sox -- spots a man wearing a Red Sox hat and decides to surprise him.

"Excuse me, nice hat! Can I ask you a question?" Ramirez asked the man. "Who's your favorite player?"

Well, the surprise was on Manny, because the clueless fan had zero idea he was talking to the man who was an 8-time All-Star and the 2004 World Series MVP during his Boston career.

"Are you serious? It's my girlfriend. Why?"

Talk about not getting the joke. Check out the entire exchange below.

The video was shot by Rachel Balkovec, a hitting coach in the New York Yankees organization, who is spending the offseason working with Ramirez on the Blue Sox. She and Manny eventually spilled the beans to the oblivious fan, commenting, "We told him after and no one is mad. Just for fun. I wouldn’t recognize the most famous cricket player on the face of the Earth. :)"


So what's the most surprising thing about this exchange? The fact that a man wearing a Red Sox hat in Australia didn't know who Manny Ramirez is? Or the fact that Ramirez is still playing professional baseball at age 48?

We'll call that a tie.