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Pedro recalls impressive batting practice session with Tom Brady

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New England Patriots fans are very glad Tom Brady chose football as his career path, but if you ask another Boston sports icon, Brady had potential on the diamond, as well.

During an appearance Tuesday on MLB Network's "Intentional Talk" show, former Red Sox ace Pedro Martinez casually mentioned that he once threw batting practice to Brady.

"It was (in the) indoor cages, and he was swinging it pretty good too," Martinez recalled. "He's a good athlete. Really good athlete."

Martinez and also noted that he and Brady were briefly teammates: Years before the Patriots selected Brady in the 2000 NFL Draft, the Montreal Expos picked the two-sport athlete in the 18th round of the 1995 MLB Draft.

In fact, the Expos had high hopes for Brady -- a left-handed-hitting catcher with solid power in high school -- and offered him an initial contract worthy of a second- or third-round pick.

Brady's April Fools' joke was a nod to his baseball past

Martinez played for the Expos from 1994 to 1997 before coming to the Red Sox, so he may have gotten to work with Brady had the California native not committed to Michigan, where he eventually replaced Drew Henson as the starting QB and ... well, you know the rest.

As for the BP session in question, Martinez likely is referring to an April 2015 Red Sox game when Brady's Patriots visited Fenway Park to celebrate their fifth Super Bowl title.

Those indeed are some serious hacks.