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WATCH: Renfroe shows off cannon with OF assist vs. A's

Red Sox

It's never a good idea to test Hunter Renfroe's arm.

The Oakland Athletics learned that the hard way during Wednesday night's game at Fenway Park. A's slugger Matt Chapman laced one off the center field wall and attempted to leg out a triple, but Renfroe had other ideas. The Boston Red Sox right fielder gunned Chapman down at third with an incredible throw.

Watch below:

Now that's impressive.

Renfroe's throw reminded Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogaerts of another guy who played right field for Boston.

"That was awesome, man," Bogaerts said after the game. "I think Mookie [Betts] made one in Tampa a couple years back, it kind of reminded me a little bit of that throw from how far and how accurate. Obviously JBJ [Jackie Bradley Jr.] makes some great plays out there. But that was pretty much one that Mookie came to mind when I saw that play."

Unfortunately for the Red Sox, they were unable to top it off with a victory as Oakland pulled off the 4-1 win.