Red Sox

Red Sox

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Giancarlo Stanton strikes out in his sleep while Mookie Betts has been the best hitter in baseball. On Wednesday, of all days, there’s absolutely no one in Red Sox camp who’s going to look back with regret on the little bit of history revealed by a former Marlins executive. (And no regret is going to crop up in the future either, barring something very strange.)

David Samson, former president of the Marlins, told CBS Sports that when Betts was a rising prospect in the minors, the Marlins tried to land him by dangling Hanley Ramirez — and even Stanton himself. The Red Sox looked at Betts as untouchable, and for some of the mistakes that were made under former general manager Ben Cherington’s watch, keeping prospects like Betts out of trades may have been his greatest strength.


The Marlins, surely, aren’t the only ones who tried to pry Betts away from the Sox. Teams inquire about great talents all the time. But Betts is a much more well-rounded player. Stanton has struck out in 38.7 percent of plate appearances this season (29 in 75 trips), compared to just 9 percent for Betts (six in 67 trips).

Betts is hitting .389 with a .493 on-base percentage and .796 slugging percentage. Per one measurement that encompasses a hitter’s offensive production, weighted runs created plus (wRC+), Betts has been the top hitter across the majors. He has five home runs, three of which came Tuesday against the Angels.


One thing Betts is doing more of in 2018: pulling the ball, as noted by FanGraphs.