Brian Flores

Brian Flores' statement on George Floyd death made Devin McCourty proud


Brian Flores' statement on George Floyd death made Devin McCourty proud

Brian Flores' words are still resonating with one of his former players.

The Miami Dolphins head coach delivered a powerful statement Saturday following the recent murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer. 

New England Patriots defensive backs and twin brothers Jason and Devin McCourty began their "Double Coverage" podcast Sunday night by discussing Flores' statement, with Devin -- who spent several years with Flores in New England -- lauding the former Patriots assistant for using his platform to deliver such a strong message.

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"He holds a position that falls right into that category (of representing the entire NFL)," McCourty said on the podcast. "A position that as players, as people who watch football know: We need more black coaches, we need more black GMs, we need more people in that position. So, to see him be outspoken -- and knowing him personally, he's always been like that -- to me was great to see.

"It's about leading men. It's about men seeing the important things. We don't just come to play football. We're around each other, we mentor each other, we try to pour into each other. So, to see him go out there and make it public and say how he felt I thought was really good."

Flores, who is one of just three black head coaches in the NFL, pointed out the hypocrisy of people being outraged by police officers killing black men and women but also taking offense to Colin Kaepernick's protests several years ago.

Devin strongly agreed with Flores in that sense.

"Look at Kaepernick. A couple years ago, people were going crazy. ‘This guy is this, he’s that,' " Devin said. "Then, the irony of a man losing his life because a knee is in his neck and now, all of a sudden, people are like, 'Oh man, let me take an extra second to listen to what Kaepernick said in an interview about why he took a knee and why he did a silent protest.'

" .. It’s like, if you ever stopped and listen to what he was doing and his true message, it would have never gotten to that point and you would have never talked about the military. You would have never talked about the flag. You would’ve understood he was talking about freedom."

Devin and Jason McCourty have showed support for Kaepernick over the years and are active members of the Players Coalition, which seeks to make progress toward ending social injustice and racial inequality.

Devin said he's had coaches reach out to him following Floyd's murder last Monday asking how they can "get involved with some of the work we've done in the past."

"Just to see people's eyes open -- it stinks that it had to be because of George Floyd's sacrifice, because he got murdered in cold blood, that people's eyes are really open now ... (but) to see some people's eyes open can lead us to create that change."

Check out the McCourtys' full discussion below:


Tom Brady, ex-Patriots teammates, coaches react to George Floyd murder

Tom Brady, ex-Patriots teammates, coaches react to George Floyd murder

The death of another unarmed black man at the hands of a police officer has sparked outrage across America.

George Floyd, 46, was murdered Monday in Minneapolis when a police officer knelt on his neck for nearly 10 minutes while three other officers stood by.

Floyd's death has led to protests, riots and in some cases violence throughout the country as Americans called for justice in his killing and demanded an end to police brutality against minorities.

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Former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady showed his support for that movement Friday, posting the #JusticeForFloyd hashtag on his Instagram story.

Meanwhile, Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, who left the Patriots in 2018 to become one of just three African-American head coaches in the NFL, made a powerful statement Friday noting the irony behind the outrage over Colin Kaepernick's protests before NFL games.

Flores' statement hit home with two former Patriots: Detroit Lions safety Duron Harmon and Dolphins cornerback Eric Rowe.

The Patriots' newly-acquired defensive tackle, Beau Allen, also posted a statement to Twitter on Friday night after seeing riots break out in his home state of Minnesota.

Several of Allen's Patriots teammates reacted to Floyd's death on social media, as well: linebacker Ju'Whaun Bentley urged others to take a stand for justice, while defensive backs Devin and Jason McCourty called for justice for Floyd and shared a video of rapper/activist Killer Mike's powerful speech to protesters in Atlanta.

The officer who killed Floyd, Derek Chauvin, has been arrested on third-degree murder charges.

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NFL Rumors: Dolphins fired OC Chad O'Shea because Patriots offense was too complex

NFL Rumors: Dolphins fired OC Chad O'Shea because Patriots offense was too complex

When the Miami Dolphins decided to fire offensive coordinator Chad O'Shea near the end of his first season, it came as a bit of a surprise.

The Dolphins finished their 2019 campaign strong with five wins of their last nine games, including a shocking upset victory over the New England Patriots in Week 17. Still, that wasn't enough for O'Shea to keep his job.

Ironically, O'Shea's tenure as Patriots' wide receivers coach played a role in his demise in Miami. According to the Miami Herald, O'Shea attempted to teach the Patriots' offense to Dolphins players, but it proved to be too difficult for their young roster to learn.

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More from the Miami Herald:

One player described the situation on offense last season as a “[expletive] show,” noting O’Shea tried to teach an offense that was too complex for a young team and that teaching/instruction during film study was a “disaster.”

As one player noted, O’Shea tried to run plays that were used in New England, which was predictable because O’Shea had spent the previous 10 seasons there as wide receivers coach.

The Patriots offense is considered complex, but a player said O’Shea made the situation worse by trying to install especially complicated, advanced elements of the Patriots offense that Brady and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels used.

What makes the circumstances of O'Shea's firing even more interesting is that Dolphins head coach Brian Flores has his own history with the Patriots. Of course, Flores' focus primarily was on the defensive side of things in New England.

Shortly after parting ways with the Dolphins, O'Shea landed a new gig as wide receivers coach and passing game coordinator for the Cleveland Browns.