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Celtics At Home: Daniel Theis recalls experience playing games without fans

Celtics At Home: Daniel Theis recalls experience playing games without fans

The Boston Celtics hosting a playoff game in an empty arena would be a bizarre experience.

Take it from the guy who's played in front of empty arenas.

Celtics big man Daniel Theis played several years of professional basketball in his native Germany before joining the C's in 2017. On the latest episode of NBC Sports Boston's "Celtics At Home," Theis explained that preseason games often didn't have fans, which created an atmosphere he didn't exactly enjoy.

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"It's definitely weird just thinking about it," Theis told host Brian Scalabrine. "Thinking back for me, playing in Germany in preseason games when you have scrimmages and no fans in there. You hear every voice, every word, every step. It's annoying."

Games without fans could be the NBA's new reality as it aims to safely resume play amid the coronavirus pandemic. Germany's top soccer league, the Bundesliga -- which Theis has been following intently -- is already playing games in empty arenas.

But while Theis wants to get back on the court, he doesn't sound thrilled about playing games without fans again -- especially if that means losing the home-crowd advantage that Boston provides.

"When I watched the soccer games this weekend, it was just -- it didn't feel right," Theis said. "Especially in Boston, when it comes to the playoffs and the fans at TD Garden are so important and so loud ... Then I can imagine now just playing a playoff game with nobody in there, it feels probably like a practice game or scrimmage."

Theis also discussed some of the Celtics' best Zoom guest speakers during Episode Three of "Celtics At Home," which includes guest appearances from C's legends Tommy Heinsohn and Bill Walton.

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Enes Kanter Show Podcast: Who are the Celtics' best HORSE players?

NBC Sports Illustration

Enes Kanter Show Podcast: Who are the Celtics' best HORSE players?

With the NBA about to debut its HORSE contest among players and former players (Hello, Paul Pierce) while the coronavirus quarantine continues, Celtics big man Enes Kanter knows one of the C's who SHOULDN'T be included if the competition catches on.

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"If they start shooting 3s, I'm done," Kanter told Chris Forsberg on the latest episode of The Enes Kanter Show Podcast. "Definitely not me."

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Kanter was joined on the pod by fellow C's big man Daniel Theis and they were quick to suggest teammate Marcus Smart, known for his trick-shot prowess. Though Smart quipped earlier this week that he'd like defense to be included in the contests.

Beyond Smart, "I'm thinking Jaylen Brown or Jayson Tatum might be pretty good," Kanter suggested.  

"Probably Tremont," Theis said, nominating rookie Tremont Waters, whose 5-foot-10 size is made up for with his shot repertoire.

Boston's international duo - Kanter from Turkey, Theis from Germany - have bonded as teammates this season, and have something in common that Kanter never realized. 

Their age. 

"I played against him the past, I thought he was 34, 35 years old," Kanter recalled of their first meeting as Celtics. "He said, 'Dude I'm the same age as you [27]."

Theis is glad they've joined forces. "I hated playing against him," he said. "He can move fast and he stays in the paint for rebounds every time, so I hated playing against him because of his rebounding ability and I was fighting with him."

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The Enes Kanter Show: Enes reflects on chat with 'superheroes' at Brigham and Women's Hospital

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The Enes Kanter Show: Enes reflects on chat with 'superheroes' at Brigham and Women's Hospital

If you're looking for an uplifting story amid the coronavirus pandemic, you need not look any further than the latest episode of The Enes Kanter Show.

Kanter recently enjoyed a FaceTime chat with medical workers at Brigham and Women's Hospital as he wanted to thank them for their efforts during this difficult time. While the call certainly meant the world to those health care workers, it meant even more to Kanter.

"It's like talking to a hero. Talking to a superhero," Kanter said. "I actually made a joke, too. I was like 'my favorite superhero character was Incredible Hulk, but now it's you guys. You know? Because it's just what they do is so amazing.

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"Think about it, they're putting their life on the line. They're putting their family, their loved ones on the line to just make this world better. To just cure all these people who have been affected by this virus."

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The Boston Celtics center also held a Q&A with the Brigham and Women's Hospital workers in which he asked some questions of his own. One of them was the length of a typical shift, and the answer stuck with Kanter.

I asked them how many hours that they spend -- or how many hours one shift," he said. "They said 'sometimes we spend like eight to 12 hours in one day.' And I'm like, wow. I just want to do something for them, you know?

"I called them, we talked, they were all Celtics fans, and they were just so happy. But they didn't know I was probably more happy than they were. Because just to talk to them and seeing them smile, putting a smile on their faces was definitely priceless."

A wonderful gesture by Kanter and an incredible effort by health care workers around the globe as the world continues to battle through the coronavirus outbreak.

Fellow Celtics big man Daniel Theis joined Kanter in the latest Enes Kanter Show episode to discuss what he's been up to in quarantine, and much more. You can listen to the new episode on YouTube or your favorite podcasting app.