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Hagg Bag mailbag: Still looking for ways to improve the Bruins roster

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Hagg Bag mailbag: Still looking for ways to improve the Bruins roster

The Bruins are just past the midway point of the season, on a pace for 100 points and in a pretty solid playoff position while having nearly a full, healthy lineup for the first time all year. So things are looking pretty good for the B’s, right?

Well, as always the Hagg Bag is full of helpful suggestions from the fans and faithful readers. As always, these are the actual tweets to my account using the #HaggBag mailbag, messages to my NBCS Facebook fan page and emails to my joseph.haggerty@nbcuni.com email address. Now on to the bag!

Hi Joe!

Looks like Bruins prospects did fairly well in WJC.

Both Shen (RUS) and Lauko (CZĘ) showed good offensive skills with Bukac (CZĘ) on backend; and Vaakananien (FIN) appears to have fully recovered from concussion! He will be anchoring B’s backend with Lauzon, Carlo, Sherman, and hopefully, McAvoy! Now need to get Shen signed to an ELC and hope Studnicka (CAN) will continue his strong development! 

Must keep a watch on Lauko! He may just become ‘Pasta lite’ next season.....

Saitama, Japan

JH: I agree, Ron. There were all kinds of positive signs at the World Junior tournament. The continued star development of Jack Studnicka is obviously one, and the play of Urho Vaakanainen was another big, big one. He looked like a stud two-way defenseman in the tournament, and obviously looked fully recovered from the concussion.

It will be interesting to see how he’s deployed for the rest of the season by the Bruins, and whether his development will make a left shot D-man available via trade whether it’s Matt Grzelcyk or Torey Krug. It sure looks like they’re going to have some valuable assets to make a deal at the deadline, and just need to decide which direction they want to go in.

But the bottom line is that there’s another wave of young players for the Bruins that are about ready to be added to the mix.  

Joe, will you be attending the “Rask won 3 regular season games in January” banner raising ceremony in October?

--Bruins Cup Quest 2019 (@richg6567)

JH: I am not just attending, I am hosting it. It’s great to see Tuukka Rask playing well now and really excelling on the big stage in the Winter Classic. But we’ve seen this movie before. Let’s see it in Game 7 of a playoff series after he was an absolute mess in that game against the Toronto Maple Leafs last spring. That is one of the things we just haven’t seen enough of during his career with the Black and Gold.


It's gotta stop.  Weakling getting sand kicked into his face by NHL bullies of the beach.  Blake Coleman?!  Beating you up to teach-you a lesson?!  From last year?!  

With impunity.

B's might miss the playoffs if this keeps going down.  Great goaltending ain't gonna do it all. "Big, bad Bruins." Quaider, we need ya'!

Happy New Year.

Greg PDX

JH: You’re preaching to the choir, Greg. That’s why I like the whispers I’m hearing about the Bruins being interested in Brayden Schenn with the St. Louis Blues. He’s not a killer like Adam McQuaid by any means. But he is a tough player, a team-oriented guy and somebody that plays with honest-to-goodness physicality, and he can put the puck in the net too. The Bruins need another big, tough player up front and Schenn could be that guy.

I was pushing for a tough guy for the fourth line earlier in the season, but the way Noel Acciari, Sean Kuraly and Chris Wagner are developing as a fourth line makes me very hesitant to do anything to mess that up. So it’s either Wayne Simmonds, or Schenn, or somebody like that who could lend some muscle and mean to a front group that’s pretty young, pretty small and pretty skill-oriented for the most part.

On a scale of ten to ten with ten being the worst how much ass did the last Jedi suck??

--Danny Leandres (@mastexarkun)

JH: I would give it a “37.” I liked some parts of it, but really did not like the middle part of the movie. The casino stuff was prequel-level bad and some of the humor was weird and un-Star Wars like. I also thought that Poe Dameron was kind of wasted in the movie too. And Princess Leia as Mary Poppins in space. It was supposed to be this big, emotional scene and the whole theatre I was in kind of laughed the absurdity of it. So yeah, I didn’t love it even though I wouldn’t say I hated it either. I thought the Luke Skywalker arc was pretty good, and most of the stuff with Kylo Ren and Rey was good too.  

Hey Joe

If the Stars owner thinks Jamie Benn is crap Sweeney should already be on the phone. The guy does everything scores fights hits and would be awesome with either Bergeron or Krejci. I would goes as far as including Carlo in the deal if necessary and provided Stars retain some cap space. Carlo Bjork plus whatever else it takes while still keeping McAvoy and DeBrusk. Even try to get them to throw in Brett Ritchie.

Happy Holidays

DJ London Ontario

JH: Sign me up. I’d take Jamie Benn in a heartbeat. I think he’s a good player and he could be a winner around the right group. I also think the Dallas Stars are having some serious buyer’s remorse after giving Tyler Seguin almost $10 million per season. As expected, he’s gone into major cruise control and doesn’t seem to show any of the urgency he did before signing the massive deal with Dallas. I like Seguin personally and he’s incredibly talented, but I just don’t think that winning hockey games is really that important to him at the end of the day. But Benn, he’d look great in Black and Gold. There’s just no way they could really afford him unless they were able to move David Krejci in the deal.

Gotta ask: Any interest from the Bruins in Duchene? He could be a nice center as Krejci/Bergy get older and he’s a great skill player but I have questions about his character and locker room presence.

--JCT MTG (@JCThacker21)

JH: I don’t think so. I think there’s an observation within the B’s management group/decision makers that the Colorado Avalanche became a much better team after dealing Matt Duchene, and that Nathan MacKinnon really took off as a player at that point as well.

Then there was the Uber video of him basically bragging about not paying attention during penalty kill meetings with the Ottawa Senators. That may be a two strikes and you’re out scenario as far as the Bruins are concerned. I would never say never because the Bruins clearly need either a top-6 winger that can score or a third line center, but I’d be very, very surprised if you ever see Duchene in Black and Gold. I think a lot would have to go wrong at the trade deadline before that would happen.  

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Hagg Bag: More ideas for Bruins roster improvements

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Hagg Bag: More ideas for Bruins roster improvements

The Bruins are still in the playoff picture, and there is light at the end of the tunnel for Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara returning to the lineup. Everything should be happiness, sunshine and light in the world of the Black and Gold, right?

Well, it never seems to be the case in the Hagg Bag mailbag. So here once again are the real tweets from people to my twitter account, real messages to my NBCS Facebook fan page and real emails to my JHaggerty@nbcuni.com email account. Without further ado, let’s get on to the bag:

More than just a contract swap because I think each team would benefit. Lucic for Backes? Or, do you believe Edmonton and Boston just won't make a trade?

--Donald Cronk (@bignursedon)

JH: I still believe that Edmonton and Boston won’t make a trade based on past histories, and based on the no-movement clause for David Backes. Not many players with NMC’s are going to agree to uproot their young family and move to Edmonton in the middle of winter. That’s just the reality of the situation. But on its face, I’ve often wondered about this scenario. The Oilers would get a versatile, tough player and former NHL captain that could bring excellent leadership to a very young hockey team, and the Bruins would get their Looch back.

Sure, Lucic is a little older, not as productive offensively and probably not as mean and nasty on most nights as his body pays for logging some very hard miles. But he’s still ultra-tough and intimidating and still has the ability to protect Boston’s skill players like nobody is really doing up front with the forwards right now. It would be an even swap of salary, so the Bruins wouldn’t be paying anything extra in terms of a cap hit each and every season.

I think seeing No. 17 back in the Black and Gold would be a positive thing for the Bruins under certain conditions, and I’ve even be interested to see if a return to his old linemate could help spark up David Krejci as well. It would certainly be good for the entertainment value because Lucic is exactly the kind of player that the Bruins fans have always wanted in their lineup, and brings them the traditional identity that the team has always had. That identity isn’t completely there right now and they certainly need something to bring it back.

I’m still in favor of chasing after Wayne Simmonds at the trade deadline instead of this Backes/Lucic idea, but something along those lines is really needed for this season’s team to add size, toughness and a little intimidation factor.

With the aging centers the Bruins have, and no one else that shows top-line promise in the near future, why don’t the Bruins “Lose for Hughes”?!?! I’d be a big fan of it!
--Anthony DeMatteis

JH: Lose for Hughes? With a Bruins team that made it to the second round of the playoffs and is currently in a playoff spot, has arguably the best line in hockey with Brad Marchand-Patrice Bergeron-David Pastrnak and still has Stanley Cup champ veterans in Bergeron, Marchand, Zdeno Chara, David Krejci and Tuukka Rask? They couldn’t be bad enough to drop all the way to the bottom with their defense and goaltending even if they wanted to tank for Jack Hughes, so it would honestly be pointless to even try. I understand wanting to get a young center that can be added to Bergeron and Krejci to bolster their attack down the middle, but trying to tank for Hughes isn’t the right way to do it for the Bruins. I just don’t think there’s any appetite for that kind of collapse from ownership or from management (understandably), and that’s where it would have to start.  

There is only one question Joe. What will the goal-scoring winger market be like come trade deadline? Who do you see fitting in here, and would DS part with Krug or DeBrusk? Is it worth it THIS season? It looks to me like they need a wholesale new third line.
--Matias Hallichuck (@mhall3333)

JH: Not sure I agree with you about the third line. I’ve started to see promising things from Ryan Donato, Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson and Danton Heinen. That will probably have to be the answer for the B’s: Going young, young, and younger on the third line while looking for speed and skill.

As far as the trade deadline market for goal-scoring wingers, we’ll have to see. It still feels like Artemi Panarin is going to get dealt by then, and the Flyers would have to trade Wayne Simmonds unless they pull a massive turnaround in the next few weeks. Jeff Carter with the Kings could be a useful player for the short term if the Bruins are looking for a goal-scoring boost on their second line. There’s a lot of chatter with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins out in Edmonton, though I’m not sure he’s exactly what the Bruins need right now. Then there’s the grand prize of Vladimir Tarasenko with the talk that everybody on the St. Louis Blues roster could be available in the right trade.  

It looks like there are going to be a lot of options available to the Bruins if they’re patient and if they’re willing to give up something to get something around the deadline. I also suspect, though, that they’re not going to give up a first-round pick in this deal unless they get a younger player that’s going to be in Boston for a while. So factor that into your thinking after the B’s gave up a lot for Rick Nash last spring, and then watched as things didn’t work out with him.  

Hey Haggs,
First off I hope you are having a great holiday season. Let’s get down to business. In your opinion does a trade package of Krug, Donato, Bjork and a 3rd for Tarasenko seem like a fair price?? He would be a huge get for Krejci and DeBrusk on the second line! Also how does the upcoming draft look for center depth?? Bruins need to get a top-6 type center for the future in the next few upcoming drafts!! Thanks for the time and #Rasksucksingame7s 
Best Regards, Benjamin

JH: Thanks Ben. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well. I think you’re on the right track for the kind of package it would take to nab Vladimir Tarasenko, but I’d imagine there would have to a first-round pick involved. I also wonder if the Blues would be chasing after Bruins prospect and former first-round pick Trent Frederic, who is a St. Louis native and would be a real local hero for the Blues that they could market around if they were indeed going to rebuild. That’s something to keep in mind if anything really starts to percolate between the Bruins and the Blues around Tarasenko should he truly become available. As I wrote earlier, Don Sweeney needs to be bold and do anything and everything he can to acquire a guy like Tarasenko should he really be out there. You just have to wonder if that kind of trade happens after the season (but before his no-movement clause kicks in) given all the moving parts involved.  

What the hell happened to V9N? That kid was good but is his concussion so bad from that elbow that he’s not coming back?
--Jennifer Hubby (@hubbyjennifer)

JH: The Bruins say he got a case of the flu while coming back from his concussion, and that set him back in his recovery from both. Perhaps they’re just shutting him down until the World Junior tournament at the end of the month where he can play for Finland. Beyond that, it’s a little bit of a mystery, but it’s not surprising that the B’s are treating a former-first round pick like Vaakanainen very carefully. It’s exactly what they should do if they believe he’s a part of the long-term future in Boston, which he’s appeared to be since landing on North American soil this fall for NHL training camp.

Would you equate the original 1st line of the season to the Star Wars trio of Obi-wan Kenobi (Bergeron), Han Solo (@Bmarch63 ) and Luke Skywalker (@pastrnak96)? Older, wiser leader; Smart aleck scoundrel; Youngster who lets the Force guide him.
--Sean L. (@BDLinMa)

JH: I couldn’t have said it better myself, dude. The Force is strong in you. I’m not sure that Bergeron is quite the literal graybeard that Obi-Wan Kenobi was, but the overall gist of it is totally on point.

Hello Joe. Do you see Don Sweeney adding a true scorer for 2nd line wing or will he just settle on another 3rd and 4th line type guy they have plenty of? It seems to be his M.O. since taking over.
--Hooperdrivesboat (@hooperdrivesbo2)

JH: I think Don Sweeney knows he needs to add an offensive, goal-scoring dimension to that second line when everybody gets healthy. It’s been eye-opening to see David Krejci go for four goals and eight points over the last six games since he moved to centering Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak in the place of the injured Patrice Bergeron. It’s a reminder that No. 46 can still be extremely effective, and even dangerous, when he’s given legit goal-scoring weapons on his wings as he did in his best seasons with the Black and Gold.

They are at least one top-six winger short on their roster right now, and everybody, including the Bruins general manager, is well aware of it. It’s just going to take some time to fill that need ahead of the trade deadline. The good news is that the Bruins are good enough as currently constituted to qualify for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Hey Joe. Do you think the Bruins could be serious contenders for Matt Duchene if he goes to market?
--Mike Wasyluk (@mikewasyluk)

JH: I’d take a pass, and I don’t think the Bruins are too keen on him either. The fact that Colorado took off after trading him to Ottawa speaks volumes to me.

I'm ready for the Nugent-Hopkins, Forsbacka-Karlsson, Ekman-Larsson line
--Pete Kuncis (@pkuncis)

JH: And John Michael-Liles on defense too, right? We are most definitely in the age of the hyphenated names at the NHL level, so why shouldn’t the Bruins just collect them and corner the market on them. I mean after all, we also could have had Patrice Bergeron-Cleary if he chose that go that route with his NHL jersey as well, right? Look it up. That’s his actual legal name, and why Shawn Thornton was calling him “Patrick Cleary” when the Bruins took their trip to Belfast, Northern Ireland back in preseason 2010 before their Stanley Cup win.

That’s all for the bag this week. We’ll see you next week!  

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Trade scenarios and MCU chatter dominate this week's Hagg Bag

Trade scenarios and MCU chatter dominate this week's Hagg Bag

The Bruins have been up, down and all around during the recent stretch with injuries to so many of their regulars, but confidence is coming off a weekend sweep of Toronto and Ottawa while still without Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara. Did that confidence transfer over into high confidence among the Hagg Bag questioneers? Well, not exactly. As always these are real tweets sent to my twitter account, real messages sent to my NBCS Facebook page and real emails sent to JHaggerty@nbcuni.com. Now on to the bag!  


A question for you regarding the Bruins (who I believe are trending down, despite last season's record) and in particular, the value of Brad Marchand.  It has not escaped the eyes of more than a few people that Marchand contributes little without Patrice Bergeron on the ice.  Over his career, playing without Bergy we have seen 3rd line results at best.  I think you could score 20 goals a season with Bergy as your pivot.

Having watched guys like Crosby and recently, McDavid, make any linemate (Rust, Guentzel, Kunitz, Maroon, etc.) just that much better, doesn't it seem that trading a guy like Marchand for a younger guy for less money who can score regardless of who centers him would be of value? Being a known pest has had little value to this team, especially when he is not producing in any facet of the game. I would rather see a Brock Boeser type guy on the ice for us at this time. I know you are a fan of Marchand, but his value is still high enough to get something back (very good young guy and a 2nd round pick) that would better serve this team going forward.

Your thoughts?


JH: Well, just this season Marchand has two goals and nine points in 11 games without Bergeron in the lineup, so I’d say that’s better than third line production just from that small sample size. Look, I agree he’s not the same player when Bergeron is out of the lineup, but let’s also factor in that guys like Colby Cave, Joakim Nordstrom and Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson have been his center for most of that time. When David Krejci has manned the middle with Marchand and David Pastrnak for the last couple of games, all of a sudden you see Marchand going for four points and 10 shots on net in the last couple of wins for the Bruins.

Even during what’s been a bit of a down goal-scoring season for him, Marchand is on pace for 22 goals and 79 points this season, and should be trending up on offense once Bergeron returns to the lineup. Given what Marchand is as a player and the fact that he’s a bargain at around $6 million per season, he would definitely have value on the trade market, but I wouldn’t deal him given how important he is to No. 37 and to the team's identity. Marchand is an entertainer and a very good player. The type of player that people pay money to watch play.

You don’t trade those kinds of players until you’re absolutely sure A) their best years are long behind them and B) you’re getting a player that’s young and going to be elite for a long time. Not many of those guys on the trade block…ever. So the quick and easy answer is I’m not interested in trading Marchand even if he has the occasional haywire moment on the ice with his discipline. He’s just too good to move somewhere else.   

Hi Joe. With Chara, Moore, Krug, Grz, Urho, Lauzon, and Zboril all LD, do you think one will be dealt for a 2W or 3C? What kind of return could they expect? #HaggBag

--Ray Guarino (@rayguarino)

JH: I’ve been saying that I thought Torey Krug would eventually get dealt for a young skill forward since last summer, and I’m sticking with that. He’s got value given his offensive production and the amount of minutes he’s able to play, and his cap hit isn’t going to bust up anybody’s salary cap either. I’m sure they’d like to trade Jakub Zboril at this point, but his stick hasn’t exactly blown up since he was selected in the first round. Maybe a team has liked something they’ve seen in Jeremy Lauzon to this point, and there’s some value there. But Krug is the only one that’s going to potentially land you the impact forward you’re looking for to add to this Bruins roster.

What could you expect in return? Well, a young winger/center that’s got some cost certainty and could play a top-6 role. Take your pick on any of them.  

Disappointed Daredevil canceled on Netflix. You?

--Stewart-Allen Clark (@StewartAllenCl1)

JH: Yes. Season three of Daredevil was really well done. But you knew as soon as Disney was starting its own streaming service that the Marvel Netflix series were in trouble. My only hope is that these actors and characters will show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point, but we’ll have to see how that all plays out. One thing remains a fact no matter what happens: Vincent D’Onofrio was phenomenal as Kingpin.

#HaggBagg Ryan Donato seems to be the only potential top 6 forward that hasn't played with Marchand and Pastrnak. I think trying him at center on that line with Bergeron out is worth a look. Do you?

Jimmy McDonough (@jimmydunna)

JH: I’ve watched Ryan Donato try to play defense at the NHL level, and I don’t think he’s ready to play center. He’s been much better offensively since coming back up from Providence and it seems like he’s starting to find his goal-scoring groove again, so I wouldn’t want to mess with that mojo by putting NHL center responsibilities on his plate.

Maybe a few years from now when he’s fully entrenched in the two-way game, but for now I don’t think Donato at center would be ideal.

Was Thanos the reason that the attendance in that B’s-Panthers game looked so low? #HaggBag

--Dave Green (@DavidMGreen)

JH: That’s the best explanation I’ve heard yet for the woeful attendance at a Florida Panthers game. They all turned to dust when Thanos snapped his fingers. Spoiler alert! Well done, Greenie.

Hey Joe -

Thinking Zach Senyshyn read your article last week. Living in Southwestern Ontario I was able to watch the Marlies/P-Bruins game on TV and he popped two and then one in each of the next two games giving him nine for the season. Outside of last night’s game, if the B’s continue to struggle scoring maybe give him an audition for a game or two with Jake DeBrusk (when he returns). Like what I saw of Peter Cehlarik and Trent Frederic that night as well.

I will be at the Ottawa game for my nephew’s 18th B-day. Unfortunately he is a Leaf fan.


London Ontario

JH: Nice observation, DJ. Look, I hope that Zach Senyshyn steps up his game and becomes the top-flight NHL winger that Boston thought they were getting in the first round. He’s got size, he’s got speed and he scored a ton at the junior hockey level. But the fact remains he’s just been okay in his first couple of pro seasons for the Providence Bruins, and he still really hasn’t scored on a consistent basis like they thought he was going to. As I mentioned in the piece, he’s also the only first round pick from that 2015 NHL Draft – aside from the Russian goalie drafted by the Capitals – that hasn’t yet appeared in an NHL game to this point in his career. So he’s got some work to do, and that’s obvious given that the Bruins haven’t tried to call him up yet this season.

I think Peter Cehlarik is a nice depth player with some upside, but I do agree that Frederic is going to bring some strength, toughness and attitude to this Bruins team. I’d like to see him up sooner rather than later, but clearly the Bruins want him to get a little more seasoning in just his first full season of pro hockey.

Happy Holidays

1. Does Captain Marvel rescue Tony Stark on her way to earth? 2. With a healthy B’s lineup, which one of a legit 3C, goal scoring top 6W or top 4D? #HaggBag

--steven gilbert (@irishbruinfan)

JH: I am digging that first idea. Man, how cool would that be to see Captain Marvel just show up to rescue Iron Man’s bacon before he inevitably sacrifices himself at the end of Avengers: End Game to reverse the Thanos snap.

The Bruins definitely need a goal-scoring top-6 winger the most. I actually don’t want to see them trade for a third line center because either Jakob Forsbacka Karlsson or Trent Frederic is going to be that guy in the future. So why give up assets for a player that’s just going to block one of those two guys from stepping up and contributing. I still want to see Frederic at the NHL level because I think he might be the guy, but the Bruins aren’t there yet and JFK has definitely shown flashes (three goals and a strong game vs. Sidney Crosby) in his brief time with the Black and Gold. I’m more of a believer in his game now than I might have been a year or two ago.

#HaggBag Haggs, first off - happy holidays to you and the family! Two questions: 1. It's game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Who do the Bruins have in net, and why isn't it Tuukka? 2. Is Ant Man (gross) the secret to the Avengers victory in #Endgame?

--Josh Chace (@JOSHinHD)

JH: It’s Jaroslav Halak. Just look at who is playing in the big games against the Toronto Maple Leafs this season. But I also think it could easily turn into a situation where both goalies end up playing in a postseason series and the B’s will just roll with the guy that’s playing better.

I think the quantum realm, time travel and, yes, Ant Man are all definitely going to factor strongly into the Avengers eventual victory. I don’t mind that at all because I love Paul Rudd playing a superhero and have enjoyed both of the Ant Man movies. He brings some really necessary comic relief to what can become very epic, serious Avengers movies pretty quickly.

Hi Joe!

Interesting reading that GM Sweeney was recently in Edmonton (v. Calgary)?  And the names of Krug, DeBrusk, Heinen, RNH plus were being tossed around for a possible deal.

First, I would NOT include DeBrusk in any deal and leery of unloading a defenseman now with Chara, Miller, Vaakananien on IR, uncertainty of McAvoy’s health.... and not getting more in a deal with Oilers than RNH and his $6M?!

Second, for all we know Donnie may have been scouting Calgary with interest still in Hanifin? Now would a combination of Krug, Heinen, JFK or Donato for Hanafin & Tkachuk be feasible? B’s get younger and size on back end with Hanifin and certainly offensive upside & grit in Tkachuk.  DeBrusk and Tkachuk flying up and down wings with a Krejci or a younger pivot would be dynamic! Thinking long term and not just a ‘band aid’ fix for this season....



Saitama, Japan

JH: I like the way you’re thinking, Ron, but I don’t think there’s any way in the world that Calgary is going to trade Noah Hanifin and Matthew Tkachuk. I will admit, though, the idea of Tkachuk in a Boston Bruins uniform is the kind of thing that would make Bruins fans giddy. I do think Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is a more realistic target, though I don’t think he’s the ideal fit for what the Bruins need in a big, strong winger that can score goals. He’s more of a possible top-6 center that can eventually push David Krejci down into more of a third line supporting role, or give them a decent scoring wing that’s almost more of what they already have in average-sized skill wings.

I’m not sure we’ll ever see Edmonton and Boston pull off a trade, but I can also tell you that I think the Oilers are on Torey Krug’s no-trade list. So I don’t think it’s going to be him moving to Edmonton if a trade between the Bruins and Oilers is actually engineered.

Haggs, what's Don Sweeney's greatest strength as a general manager? #HaggBag

--Justin Walden, PhD (@justwalden)

JH: Don Sweeney’s greatest strength as a GM is drafting and developing young players. The biggest gaffe on Sweeney’s GM tenure may end up ironically being the 2015 NHL Draft where he bypassed Mat Barzal, Brock Boeser and Thomas Chabot for the aforementioned Zach Senyshyn, and failed to move up to land Noah Hanifin as he’d attempted to with the Dougie Hamilton and Milan Lucic deals. That one is really showing up now with injuries hitting the Bruins and both Jakub Zboril and Zach Senyshyn unable to step up and do anything to help out the NHL club. The Bruins just have to hope they don’t turn into busts when it’s all said and done, but that being said there are a lot of first round picks from that draft playing at a high level at the NHL already. That one’s going to sting for a while.  

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