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Ex-Bruin Paille's career likely over after hit; Savard reaches out to him

Ex-Bruin Paille's career likely over after hit; Savard reaches out to him

Former Bruins teammate Marc Savard, whose own career was ended by concussions, has reached out to Daniel Paille, whose return to hockey is said to be doubtful as he continues to recover from a blindside hit he received in November while playing for his Swedish team Brynas in a Champions League game in Europe.

Savard and Paille were teammates in Boston from 2009-11. A hit by Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins on Savard in 2010 eventually led to the end of his playing career. 

Brynas sports director told Sweden's SportExpressen that Paille's playing career is likely over. 

"I'm extremely doubtful about him," Bengtzén said (via a Google translation). "It does not look bright and [there] is no change ever before."

Paille, 34, a left wing who had three concussions while with the Bruins, was blindsided by Thomas Larkin of Adler Mannheim of the German league (see video below). The hit earned Larkin a four-game suspension.

Paille played for the Bruins from 2009-15.



Morning Skate: Simmons wrong to call out Savard

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Morning Skate: Simmons wrong to call out Savard

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading about while wishing a Happy Greek Easter to everybody out there. 


*I know Steve Simmons, and I also know Marc Savard. Simmons has always seemed to me like a perfectly fine person and a pro when it comes to covering the NHL, but he’s dead wrong going after Marc Savard, who I know a bit better from covering him over his five years playing for the Bruins. Savard was always available to the media when he played and ready to cooperate, and I don’t know of anyone that wasn’t able to get in touch with him in trying to write about him after he effectively retired following his concussion issues. I always gave him his space because I’d heard for a while that he was having a tough time afterward his playing days were done in Boston, but you’d see stories or interviews pop up every now and then. If I had reached out to him and he didn’t want to talk, I would have totally understood and wouldn’t have held it against him. In general I try not to do that unless the sense is that it’s a player shirking accountability in a postgame situation, or it’s Tim Thomas suddenly getting microphone shy after making personal political statements with a White House visit. Simmons was flat wrong here to call out Savard and actively try and convince people in the media to shun him. It’s just not cool, and it’s a lousy, petty and vindictive way to treat somebody that’s had a rough go of it for a while. That’s no way to treat people in the hockey community, so good for No. 91 for speaking up about it. 


*Could it be true? Could there be a chance that 46-year-old Jaromir Jagr could return for another go-round at the NHL after things didn’t work out in Calgary this season? I’d imagine there might be a team or two willing to take a chance on a legend. 


*A long read-ish look at Taylor Hall’s massive season with the New Jersey Devils that has him in the Hart Trophy conversation. 


*Pro Hockey Talk has a look at some of the notable NHL players retiring at the end of this season, including the Sedin Twins, Radim Vrbata and Patrick Sharp. 


*Continued prayers and thoughts to all those impacted by the Humboldt Broncos bus crash tragedy as the details behind it sound so horrific, and hit home to so many hockey players that have spent long hours on bus rides in treacherous hockey weather during their careers. 


*No NHL coach was fired during the regular season of their respective 31 teams during the 2017-18 NHL campaign, but Alain Vigneault was canned by the New York Rangers immediately afterward in a move that must have been a long time coming given the timing. 


*For something completely different: Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi asks if we can be saved from Facebook at this point? Doubtful, it is.  


Morning Skate: Spooner adjusts to Rangers in a New York minute

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Morning Skate: Spooner adjusts to Rangers in a New York minute

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while getting ready to spend another St. Patrick’s Day on the road.

*It certainly looks like a change of scenery has done wonders for speedy, skilled Ryan Spooner with the New York Rangers after the Rick Nash trade, and the talk is already going to his next contract in the Big Apple.

*Good piece from FOH (Friend of Haggs) Sean Leahy on Marc Savard’s sudden YouTube fame doing videos about taping your sticks like the pros.  

*Pro Hockey Talk has the story of Vegas Golden Knights player William Karlsson and the most unexpected goal-scoring performance of the season from an NHL player.

*Interesting perspective from Damien Cox on the Hockey Hall of Fame selection committee, and how they dropped the ball as of late. It’s certainly no reflection on Pierre McGuire, who I think is going to be a conscientious, hard-working member of the committee, but changing the demographic nature of the membership might have been a wise thing to do in this day and age.

*Tough times for Martin Hanzal, who is undergoing spinal fusion surgery and will be shelved for the next six months.

*For something completely different: Pretty soon there are going to be no more brick-and-mortar stores left, and that is going to be sad.