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Morning Skate: Canadiens unlikely to trade the No. 3 pick

Morning Skate: Canadiens unlikely to trade the No. 3 pick

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while wondering if blaming things on taking Ambien is the new excuse du jour.

*Marc Bergevin says that the Montreal Canadiens are unlikely to part with their third overall pick, which would be absolute lunacy if they did trade it.  

*Ice issues are beginning to plague the Stanley Cup Final as the surface in Vegas wasn’t the greatest in Game 1.

*Yup, Tom Wilson is at it again. Yup, Wilson is again flirting with trouble without actually stepping over that line. I agree with no suspension on his hit. Dirty, dangerous play, but I don’t think it’s suspension-worthy unless it involved head contact.  

*Ryan Reaves continues to make the most of his run with the Golden Knights and continues to be a player that the Bruins should look at in free agency this offseason. Let’s face it: The young Bruins fourth line didn’t do nearly enough in the playoffs, and Reaves clearly could help in that area, and in the team toughness where he’d again give the Bruins a forward that play the intimidation game to perfection as Shawn Thornton did once upon a time.

*Bill Peters is watching the speed game that’s being played to great effect in the Cup Final and thinks the Flames have that speed and unpolished skill.

*Bruins prospect Austin Czarnik actually cracked the list of top 10 available right wingers on the free agent market. I’m not sure I love Czarnik as an NHL wing, but I guess we’ll see.

*For something completely different: Congrats to FOH (Friend of Haggs) Jim Aberdale and the rest of the NBC Sports Boston crew that put together the “Anything is Possible” documentary that aired last night about the 2008 Celtics championship. Here are a few clips if you didn’t get a chance to watch it last night on our station.  



Morning Skate: Is Claude ready for ‘player development’?

Morning Skate: Is Claude ready for ‘player development’?

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while I just started watching “Evil Genius” on Netflix. I’m one episode in and it’s already totally crazy.

*Well, would you look at that? The Montreal Canadiens are going to start focusing much more of their resources on “player development.” Sounds like a lot more young players will be headed Claude Julien’s way up in Montreal. Hope he’s ready for it.  

*The Washington Capitals are starting to look frustrated again, and Tampa Bay has found their footing under Andrei Vasilevskiy’s brilliance in the last two Lightning wins.

*Speaking of which, here’s the playoff Ovechkin that I think we’re all a lot more familiar with.

*Ryan Reaves certainly was well-traveled this season, but he’s ended up in a really good spot with Vegas ahead of his unrestricted free agency. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Reaves would look great in a Bruins uniform as fourth line muscle.

*FOH (Friend of Haggs) Frank Seravalli takes us behind the steely-eyed stare of Winnipeg Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck.

*Interesting look from FOH Greg Wyshynski on new NHL dads dealing with newborns and Stanley Cup playoff pressure at the same time.

*For something completely different: Good to hear that Universal’s “Dark Universe” of cinematic monster movies isn’t as dead as people had purported it to be. I think there is plenty of appetite for a Universal monster movie revival, and I actually thought that the last Mummy movie with Tom Cruise was pretty good.



Morning Skate: Ex-Bruin Morrow fires away at Habs

Morning Skate: Ex-Bruin Morrow fires away at Habs

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading, while T-ball season has officially begun in the city of Newton.

*Joe Morrow signed as a free agent with the Montreal Canadiens and then he ripped them this week after getting traded to the Jets during the season. The story is originally in French, but the translation I read blasted Claude Julien for not trusting him as a player and blasted Marc Bergevin for criticizing the character in the Montreal dressing room when Morrow said the GM never actually showed up or talked to the players. Nothing like seeing a first-round bust and marginal NHL player burning those bridges, baby! It is, however, further confirmation that many players chafed under Julien’s rigid coaching style.

*It’s gut check time for the Tampa Bay Lightning as they’ve now fallen 0-2 to the Washington Capitals with the Eastern Conference Final headed to the nation's capital.

*If there’s one player that’s changed his standing in the NHL in this postseason it is Mark Schiefele, who is dominating for the Winnipeg Jets. He’s going from a very good young player to an NHL superstar right before our eyes.

*It’s an important draft for the Detroit Red Wings, who have fallen out of the playoff picture and need an infusion of youthful talent.

*Vegas Golden Knights goalie Marc-Andre Fleury welcomes your playoff taunts, you guys. So keep them coming in Winnipeg.

*For something completely different: So why the heck wouldn’t the Star Wars people give Donald Glover his own movie as a young Lando Calrissian? I’d definitely watch it.