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Morning Skate: What sounds does Pasta make? Have a listen

Morning Skate: What sounds does Pasta make? Have a listen

Here are all the links from around the hockey world and what I’m reading. while for the first time potentially approaching the final game of the Bruins season tomorrow afternoon.

*The sounds of the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs include David Pastrnak wearing an in-game microphone when the Bruins were down in Tampa earlier this week. The Patrik Laine/Dustin Byfuglien exchanges have buddy cop movie written all over them.  

*Who doesn’t love Smashville where the country stars come out and where the Predators are once again playing some great hockey?

*Guentzel and Murray are continuing to emerge as the next generation for the Pittsburgh Penguins with the way they perform in the playoffs.

*The Calgary Flames are looking at next year’s preseason trip to China as something that’s going to let them get a start on next season.

*James Neal is providing some very important veteran leadership for the Vegas Golden Knights as they go deeper into the postseason.

*Jim Montgomery might not have everything from the college ranks translate to his new gig with the Dallas Stars, but there is plenty that will.

*For something completely different: What a completely weird story about an ABC sports anchor forced to resign after he stole a jacket from a Golden State Warriors staffer at their practice facility.



Morning Skate: No captain, no problem in Vegas

Morning Skate: No captain, no problem in Vegas

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading. while marking Day Three in Toronto.

*Not having a captain on their team really hasn’t been an issue with the Vegas Golden Knights, who have somehow pushed into the second round of the playoffs after absolutely decimating the Los Angeles Kings. The Golden Knights continue to be an amazing Cinderella story.

*Pekka Rinne has not been very good against the Colorado Avalanche in the postseason, but here’s why Preds fans shouldn’t be worried.

*Boy, that Radko Gudas can’t help but throw hits that injure players can he? In practice, he takes down teammate Sean Couturier. That’s no bueno for the Flyers.

*Richard Panik arrested for trespassing in Arizona is a strange way to commemorate his NHL season with the Coyotes being over.

*Here’s a look at the Bruins rookies from an outside perspective in Toronto where they think they’ve been “sneaky good.” Actually, I think they’ve just been really, really good. There is absolutely no sneaky about it.

For something completely different: A big-time stick salute to Mary Shertenlieb for finishing the Boston Marathon with her husband and FOH (Friend of Haggs) Rich. This is a testament to courage and perseverance with Mary having battled cancer multiple times in the past, and also to the great love between these two excellent people. We’re all so proud of you, Mary…you rock!  


Morning Skate: Kathryn Tappen predicts Bruins and Predators final

Morning Skate: Kathryn Tappen predicts Bruins and Predators final

Here are all the links from around the hockey world, and what I’m reading while some hockey players are playing hockey, and others are golfing.

*FOH (Friend of Haggs) Kathryn Tappen and yours truly have exactly the same end results in our Stanley Cup playoff brackets with the Bruins and Predators in the Stanley Cup Final. Certainly, it makes sense from a realistic standpoint, but there might also be a little part of it about wanting to spend a few weeks in June in Nashville again this season…maybe just a smidge. That atmosphere was amazing last year.

*Ilya Kovalchuk has denied the reports and rumors out there that he is readying to join the New York Rangers for next season. I’ve got to admit, it makes a lot of sense to me.

*The NBC Sports hockey crew goes over the reasons why the Washington Capitals continue to have a hard time in the playoffs.

*Kings defenseman Drew Doughty has been suspended for a game by the NHL, which is a big blow to an LA Kings bunch that’s already down 1-0 in the series.

*The Ottawa Senators aren’t ready to commit to Bond villain and Sens head coach Guy Boucher after a disastrous season.

*It’s important for Sidney Crosby to score goals in the playoffs. Duh.

*For something completely different: How Marvel brought the best of TV serialization to big screen, or what I would say: How Marvel effectively took what made their comic books so popular in the golden age and threw it up on the Silver Screen.