The 2014-15 gray Celtics jersey ranked among NBA's worst

The 2014-15 gray Celtics jersey ranked among NBA's worst

With no live Celtics games in the past two months, we've seen plenty of "Classic Celtics" contests that featured one of the NBA's iconic uniforms - the home white C's jerseys or green road one. One uni we haven't seen and will probably never see again? 

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Those gray ones with the sleeves from the 2014-15 season.

How bad were those? They rank fifth-worst in ESPN's list of the worst NBA jerseys of all-time.

Those C's threads come in just between the Golden State Warriors 2012-13 sleeved alternates at fourth-worst and a red Los Angeles Clippers road jersey from 2015-17 at No. 6. The worst, according to the rankings by ESPN's Ryan McGee, that distinction goes to these Sacramento Kings gold jobs from '05-06 (Hello, Bonzi Wells driving on old friend Ray Allen, then with the Seattle SuperSonics): 

McGee compares those gray C's jerseys to other ruined classics such as New Coke in 1985 and Godfather III in 1990. The Celtics went to a green-and-gold alternate this season to mixed reviews and in recent years have had many different iterations of their uniforms, even going to gray sleeveless "city edition" ones a few years ago that seem to have mercifully disappeared as well. 

Now it can be told: How Belichick's dog stole the show on 2020 NFL Draft Night

Now it can be told: How Belichick's dog stole the show on 2020 NFL Draft Night

So how did Bill Belichick's dog excel in all three phases of the game on draft night? 

You know: Sit. Stay. Good boy.

The doggie treats were on the table.

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On ESPN's Adam Schefter's podcast, the Patriots coach's girlfriend let the secret out of how Nike, New England's new favorite Alaskan Klee Kai, became the viral star of the draft by sitting in for his master from the kitchen table in Nantucket on draft night. 

Linda Holliday said it began when she was helping set up the lighting and connections for the coach's appearance on the television coverage of the draft. 

"Nantucket has very strict rules about who is coming to the island [because of the coronavirus],” Holliday said. “So, I worked with Patriots IT people and said, ‘Teach me, I’ll do lighting, I’ll do IT, I’ll do it all.

“So, I’m doing lighting and next thing I know, Bill had a couple of treats that were left over near his laptop and he stepped away from the table. And all of a sudden he looks and he goes, ‘Look, look at the table’ and there Nike was just sitting there waiting patiently and he knew his treats were there, so that’s what prompted him getting up to the table and he was just waiting patiently for the word to take his treats.”

That's when the ESPN and NFL Network cameras caught Nike sitting in the coach's chair, staring intently, not at the laptop but at whatever first-round selection he was about to make among those treats. 

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Really, isn't that just great coaching? We're on to the water bowl...

By the way, Nike, the dog, had his own Instagram account (@TheSwooshDog) long before he became a viral sensation.

Report: Nike ends shoe deal with Antonio Brown

Report: Nike ends shoe deal with Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is no longer a Nike athlete.

According to Michael Silverman of The Boston Globe, Brown was dropped by Nike, a company that he had a shoe deal with. A spokesperson confirmed this on Wednesday when they said, "Antonio Brown is not a Nike athlete."

Though the spokesperson declined to explain why the company had dropped Brown, it is likely related to the sexual assault and rape allegations that were brought against him a week and a half ago.

Nike is the second known partner to part ways with Brown in recent weeks. Helmet manufacturer Xenith parted with Brown just a couple of weeks after Brown had agreed to wear the Xenith Shadow to end his helmet controversy with the Oakland Raiders. Shortly after that happened, Brown was released and came to the New England Patriots.

Brown could see similar fallout from the other companies that sponsor him as the case against him continues to be in the public eye.

The Patriots are more worried about what Brown's status with the team will be moving forward. As of right now, there's "no way of knowing" what will happen with Brown, but he is reportedly expected to be eligible to play in Week 3 against the New York Jets. His week-to-week status will still be in question as he could be placed on the commissioner's exempt list at any time.

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