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Foles defends Brady for Super Bowl handshake snub

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Foles defends Brady for Super Bowl handshake snub

Eagles fans and media didn't take too kindly to Tom Brady not shaking Nick Foles' hand after the Patriots' Super Bowl loss, but Foles has come to Brady's defense.

The Eagles quarterback, who threw for 373 yards and four touchdowns in Super Bowl LII, told Philadelphia's FOX 29 that he gives Brady the benefit of the doubt.

"Originally, when everything happens, everything happens so fast," Foles said. "The clock hits zero, you're taking a moment, you're hugging the people around you that you've gone through this journey with and then all of a sudden every media outlet in the world is around you.

"You're trying to move and you're trying to find them. It's probably hard to find me because everyone was around me. So, after some time passed I think he probably eventually left the field. I guarantee you he was probably initially trying to find me."

Brady hasn't spoken about the so-called handshake "snub" or talked to Foles since, but Foles' statement should at least help set the record straight on the matter. 


Eagles' Jenkins lists several current and former Pats among 'true Patriots'

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Eagles' Jenkins lists several current and former Pats among 'true Patriots'

The Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins made a powerful statement about the current Trump-inspired NFL controversies -- over protests during the National Anthem, over Philly's aborted trip to the White House, over causes he and his fellow players are fighting for that Trump is attempting to paint as anti-military and anti-American -- today at the Eagles' mini-camp.

And, in so doing, he lauded several past and current New England players as "true Patriots." 

Our friend Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia reported that "when Jenkins arrived at his [locker stall after practice Wednesday], surrounded by about 35 media members, in the Eagles' locker room around 2 p.m., he had a plan. Jenkins brought with him around 10 giant white poster-sized cards with black writing. As reporters began asking him questions, Jenkins simply kept showing the cards — the first of which said 'YOU AREN’T LISTENING' — to the cameras. The next card said, 'MORE THAN 60% OF PEOPLE IN PRISON ARE PEOPLE OF COLOR.' "

He proceeded to show other cards -- you can see them by clicking the link above -- and then reached this one:

McCourty, Slater and Harmon, of course, currently play for the Patriots. Watson and Bademosi are ex-Pats.

In later cards, he cited the work of McCourty, Slater, Harmon and Bademosi in lobbying to raise the age of those entering the criminal-justice system from 7 to 12. He complimented Watson (and DeMario Davis) for helping push through a bill restoring voting rights for returning citizens.