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Ray Lewis delivers uncomfortable pump-up speech for Patriots


Ray Lewis delivers uncomfortable pump-up speech for Patriots

Pregame speeches are great for athletes. They should be strange for everyone else. There's a lot of screaming, things are blown way out of proportion -- it's a whole thing. 


For example, even the biggest Patriots fan has to be at least partially weirded out by Tom Brady’s shrill “let’s go” shrieking or his pre-Super Bowl XLIX “It’s about honor” speech. Yet those things work. They get teammates riled up put them in the right frame of mind to execute a carefully devised gameplan with an absolute crapload of energy. 

On Sunday, the NFL tweeted quite possibly the weirdest thing ever. Ray Lewis, certainly one with a knack for firing up his teammates, can be seen in what appears to be a garage giving a speech as though he were playing for the Patriots in Super Bowl LI. The video was tweeted for the most part without context, as it was accompanied with only,  “So. Many. Chills” in addition to a description of the video being “epic.” He also did one for the Falcons.

The video can be seen here, with a full transcription below. Kudos to the NFL for breaking up sentences mid-sentence for effect.  

There’s nothing new about this. This is the moment. That we now have a chance to see again. Four rings! And people telling us, they’re telling us that we’re OK with losing. Champions never be OK with losing.

Five rings. Five rings says everything for what we’ve built. What we’ve done. It’s never about the wins and losses. It’s about the opportunity to be a champion for the rest of your life. Thats what the New England Patriots believe in. That’s what our culture is. And guess what? It may be us against the world, but who cares? Today is all that matters. Every time you snap the whistle, every time the ball moves. You hit whatever’s in front of you. 

Fourth quarter, real champions find a way to win. Because of fundamentals. That’s why we’re so doggone god. People want to talk about why we do what we do. And why we’re so consistent. Because we come to work every day, put on our hard hats, and regardless if you like us, you better respect us. Because if you won’t, I promise you the scoreboard will. 

This is a chance. To capture a legacy. That’s forever. And somebody. Somebody will be inspired. Once you host the Lombardi Trophy. Once you’re able to see it one more time. Once you’re able to kiss it one more time. you will know that the New England Patriots are probably the greatest team of all time, probably the greatest moments of all time. 

It’s your time now, Brady. It’s your time now, leader. It’s your time, general. It’s your time. Lead us to the next place. You’ve done it for so long. Somebody’s trying to come take your thrown. Somebody’s trying to take your throne. 

You must make this personal. This has to be personal. Because everybody’s saying you’re okay because you’ve already been to four. Look around this locker room and look in these men’s eyes. And let them see why you were picked in the sixth round. Let them see what that passion feels like. Today, today were’ crowned as the champions as the world. 

Five. New England Patriots. Let’s go. 

Ray Lewis and Earl Thomas take Twitter jabs at Tom Brady

Ray Lewis and Earl Thomas take Twitter jabs at Tom Brady

Former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis weighed in on Twitter after Tom Brady vehemently complained to referree Pete Morelli after what Brady thought was a late hit from Texans' Jadeveon Clowney.

Seahawks safety Earl Thomas was also tweeting about Brady during tonight's Patriots-Texans game.

Interesting comments from Thomas, since a) Brady and the Patriots beat Thomas and the Seahawks in the Super Bowl two years ago, and b) the Patriots were 3-1 this season against the division Thomas thinks is so tough . . . a division that now has zero teams left in the playoffs.



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