Armstrong to renovate 100 outdoor basketball courts


To most people, the news of former Bulls guard B.J. Armstrong recently being named to the board of the Chicago Park District by Mayor Rahm Emanuel is simply a nice feel-good story. Armstrong, a vice president at major sports agency Wasserman Media Group, will be involved with a project to renovate 100 outdoor basketball courts in the city.

Again, all good stuff to hear. But when the fact that Armstrong is Derrick Roses agent is considered, its more than just good for public relations.

At the press conference announcing his five-year, 94-million contract extension, Rose talked about wanting to do more for his neighborhood, Englewood on the citys South Side. Everybody has a theory about how to tackle crime and poverty, but in his typically understated manner, Rose spoke of wanting to create more options for kids in his old stomping grounds.

Now, with Armstrong in a position to make that happen directlynot that Rose couldnt do so himself, but at 23, political red tape isnt the easiest thing to navigateexpect him to truly make an impact. Following the Bulls Monday-morning shootaround, Rose briefly talked to about Armstrongs influence on him and how the decision bodes well for the citys parks.

B.J., I look at him as more of a mentor, a guy thats professional all around the board, always trying to better himself as a person and being around him, its kind of rubbed on me. Thats the same thing that I try to do, but B.J. is someone thats extremely intelligent, knows what hes doing and willing to help others, he said. We havent talked about anything yet, but I know in the future, with him having that position there, were going to do something tremendous for the parks everywhere in Chicago .