Kmet is one of the smartest rookies Pace has been around


Rookie tight end Cole Kmet has already earned plenty of praise through his first month at Halas Hall, and that trend continued on Monday with GM Ryan Pace. Pace was asked about the status of his tight end room, and didn't stop short when praising Kmet for the work he's put in so far: 

Kmet might be one of the more intelligent rookies, football-intelligent rookies, that we’ve ever been around. I mean, you felt it right away. He’s just such a well-rounded tight end who can do a lot of things in a lot of areas. Already, his teammates have embraced him because of the personality he has. But I feel like with how quickly he picked up the offense, with his football intelligence, and then just how well-rounded he is, it’s going to be an awesome asset for us to have.

The Cole Kmet hype train left the station so, so long ago that it's hard to even remember a time when it was there in the first place. Considering how much the team has publicly praised him and how lofty fan expectations already are – all before Kmet's even played one quarter with NFL contact – I almost feel bad for him. Cole, good luck to you. And as long as you have a dozen or so games with 10 catches, 100 yards and a touchdown, all should be fine. 

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