Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky was at an event in Naperville as part of Gatorade's Beat The Heat program, talking to local kids about the importance of hydration. With less than 3 weeks until training camp, NBC Sports Chicago Bears producer Paul Aspan spoke with the Bears' 2nd-year QB.

Here's the podcast of Trubisky's interview, with the transcription below:

Paul Aspan: You're out here with Gatorade, do you get to decide that during the season, or at camp? Who decides that for the Bears — what color, what flavor (of Gatorade is on the sideline)?

Mitchell Trubisky: (laughs) Jen Gibson, our head nutritionist decides all that. She takes really good care of us on and off the field. That's what is interesting, talking to all these kids. I'm still learning a lot on my own how to take care of your body and how your off-the-field preparation affects on the field and just being at your best. Eating properly, drinking the right fluids, water or Gatorade to be at your best, so luckily Jen Gibson takes good care of us and she decides all the colors and flavors and all that. 

Aspan: Some hot days ahead looking ahead to camp, is there anyone on the defense you have a rivalry with, or anyone you talk trash to or they talk trash back ? 

Trubisky: I wouldn't say I talk a lot of smack, but me and Eddie Jackson have a really cool bond. We like to challenge each other and make each other better. He's such a great safety and we're both Year 1 going into Year 2. Because we came in together as rookies, I think we have that close bond. I believe in him and I believe he believes in me as well so we keep making each other better going forward and competing. I just love talking to him about what he sees from me and what I see from him so we can continue giving each other tips and continue to get better because it's all about how we can make the Chicago Bears the best team possible.


Aspan: Two guys that have been going back and forth a lot, especially on social media, Tarik Cohen and Taylor Gabriel talking about who is faster. Who you got in that race?

Trubisky: Oh man....(long pause). I can't choose, I can't choose. They're both really fast and I'm looking forward to getting both those guys the ball this year. I cannot pick a favorite. I guess we'll have to let them race it out and see for ourselves.

Aspan: Prince Amukamara has said he sees a championship level quarterback in you. What does that mean to you, what do you think you've done to show those guys that? 

Trubisky: That means a lot to me. When your teammates believe in you, that says more than anything for me. That gives me a lot of confidence and it motivates me even more to come in and work hard day in and day out. And just hearing that from a guy like Prince who has seen a lot, has played a long time in this league and has a lot of respect. It's very humbling for me and I appreciate that. Prince is another one of those guys I talk to a lot and get tips from. He's gone up against a lot of great quarterbacks and how I can continue to get better and improve my craft and just going up against him and going up against our great defense every day has made me a lot better player. 

Aspan: We're going into Year 2 with the "Pretty Boy Assassin" nickname. Is that still a thing, how do you like that? 

Trubisky: (laughs) I don't know, I think that's really trickled out. I got that from (former Bear Pernell) McPhee and Leonard Floyd last year. We'll see where that goes, but it's not about nicknames, it's about creating touchdowns on the field and making sure the Chicago Bears are in position to win games and we've just gotta keep getting better each and every single day. 

Aspan: There was a clip that came out recently of your coach Matt Nagy, back in his AFL days — all mic'd up — did you see that?


Trubisky: Oh he's a gunslinger. I didn't see the mic'd up but I've seen Coach Nagy highlights. He likes to sling the ball around and we're just gonna have that mentality all year hopefully and he's been awesome to work with. 

Aspan: Last one — so with Gatorade — if you guys....and I'm not saying it's this year...but I'm not saying it's not gonna be this year — if there's a big game in February that you guys win, what color Gatorade are you dumping on Matt Nagy? 

Trubisky: (Smiles) Oh I don't know. It's gonna be whatever color Jen Gibson picks but hopefully it's orange or blue — Bears colors — get a little match with the jersey. Hopefully we have that opportunity but that's what we're working for. We realize we just gotta continue to believe in this culture that Coach Nagy has brought and get better every single day and just appreciate the opportunity to be a Chicago Bear and we're excited about it.