2020 Senior Bowl: Who won the weigh-in?


2020 Senior Bowl: Who won the weigh-in?

MOBILE, Ala. — The 2020 Senior Bowl gets underway this week and as is the case every year, the first of the major activities is the all-important prospect weigh-ins. Sure, it seems silly that a player's height, weight and arm length can factor so heavily in their final evaluation, but it does. It always has. And it always will.

Here are a few of the standouts from the 2020 weigh-ins that could find themselves high on the Bears wish list.

Alex Taylor | OL | South Carolina State
6-foot-8, 308 pounds
36 1/8 arms

-Arguably the top small-school lineman in this year's game, Taylor is HUGE, and his incredible arm length will have NFL offensive line coaches dying to work with him.

Terrence Steele | OL | Texas Tech
6-foot-6, 312 pounds
35 7/8 arms

-Like Taylor, Steele's nearly 36-inch arms will be viewed as an asset for a player likely to come off the board on Day 3.

Jared Pinkney | TE | Vanderbilt
6-foot-4, 254 pounds

-Pinkney was a rock-solid 254 pounds and looks every bit the part of an every-down tight end in the NFL who can play inline as a run blocker.

John Simpson | OG | Clemson
6-foot-4, 330 pounds
33 6/8 arms

-Simpson carries his 330 pounds really well; he isn't sloppy. His nearly 34-inch arms are perfectly fine for an interior player, too.

Justin Herron | OL| Wake Forrest
6-foot-3, 305 pounds
34 5/8 arms

-Herron will likely kick inside at the NFL level, but his nearly 35-inch arms will give teams at least the opportunity to try him at tackle if needed. If nothing else, his arm length makes him a multi-positional prospect.

Brycen Hopkins |TE | Purdue
6-foot-3, 241 pounds

-Hopkins came in a little on the short side, but his athletic physique is a deceptive 241 pounds. He has a chance to cement his status as the top pass-catching tight end in the class.

Jordan Love | QB | Utah State
6-foot-3, 223 pounds

-Of all the quarterbacks at the 2020 Senior Bowl, Love looked the most pro-ready from a physical standpoint. And that includes Herbert, who needs to add about 15 pounds to his 6-foot-6 frame.

Matthew Peart | OL | UConn
6-foot-6, 310 pounds
35 1/8 arms

-See a theme here? Peart took the stage and looked the part in Mobile. He's been comp'd as a poor man's D'Brickishaw Ferguson. From a physical standpoint, it fits.

Jeremy Chinn | DB | Southern Illinois
6-foot-3, 219 pounds

-Chinn was the most rocked-up defensive player at the weigh-ins. He has a chance to make some real noise with a strong showing in front of scouts.

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Raiders prepping to set the market for Tom Brady in free agency

Raiders prepping to set the market for Tom Brady in free agency

If the Bears have any interest in signing soon-to-be free-agent quarterback Tom Brady this offseason, they may have to be willing to commit beyond just the 2020 season for him.

According to longtime NFL writer Larry Fitzgerald, Sr., the Las Vegas Raiders are prepping to offer Brady a two-year, $60 million deal.

It's a steep price to pay regardless of Brady's resume largely because of his age; he'll be 43 at the start of next season. It's highly unlikely Ryan Pace would be interested in a multi-year deal for a player as close to the end as Brady, but the market will ultimately dictate what needs to be offered by teams who are serious about acquiring TB12.

If Brady wants to play beyond 2020 and is looking for a commitment from a team that extends into at least the 2021 season, his list of potential suitors is likely to shrink. But all it takes is one club willing to meet his asking price, and with Raiders coach Jon Gruden's affinity for established veteran quarterbacks, it seems like a logical match for both sides.

The Bears are expected to be aggressive in the quarterback market this offseason, whether it's via trade for someone like Bengals veteran Andy Dalton or in free agency with players like Marcus Mariota (Titans) and Teddy Bridgewater (Saints) presenting as attractive options.

Former second overall pick Mitch Trubisky has largely been a disappointment over his first three years in Chicago and is facing a make-or-break season in 2020. There's a chance he won't even begin training camp as the starter, depending on who the Bears court in free agency and the promises they make in order to sign him.

NFL free agency could be ‘potential chaos’ for available quarterbacks

NFL free agency could be ‘potential chaos’ for available quarterbacks

A plethora of NFL quarterbacks are set to hit the open market in the next few weeks in Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Dak Prescott, Philip Rivers, Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston, Ryan Tannehill, Marcus Mariota and Case Keenum.

With at least nine in-demand signal-callers, the NFL could see a quarterback shakeup unparalleled in recent NFL history. According to NBC Sports’ Mike Florio, there may be “more butts than seats.”

“In this looming game of quarterback musical chairs, I still don’t think we know whether when the music stops, there’s gonna be more butts than seats, or more seats than butts,” Florio said on NBC Sports’ PFT Live. “And there’s a chance that there’s gonna be a team that is left — because they wanted too long to have something lined up — they’re gonna be left looking around saying ‘Who the hell’s our quarterback for 2020?’”

Based on that list of quarterbacks, teams that could have a QB vacancy to fill this winter include the Patriots, Cowboys, Saints, Buccaneers, Chargers and Titans. There are nine quarterbacks on that list, though Mariota and Keenum may be viewed more as backups by prospective suitors. Therefore, you could have six teams in need of a quarterback and seven on the open market.

The former figure could increase if teams like the Bears or Raiders look to upgrade the quarterback position in free agency. In that case, perhaps there are more “chairs” than “butts” this offseason, meaning some teams may find themselves without a starting quarterback entering the NFL draft.

In that scenario, a team may be inclined to trade for a QB, such as Bengals’ Andy Dalton. How this chaotic situation plays out will determined in the coming weeks, but what’s already certain is this offseason’s free agency could be a frenzy.

“We’ve never had anything even close to this, by way of potential chaos for quarterbacks in free agency and really through the draft,” Florio said. “Who knows how it’s all gonna play out? There’s gonna be a major, major shakeup, potentially. It’s gonna be somewhere between nothing changes and complete and total chaos, but I think it’s gonna be closer to complete and total chaos.”