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As much as it pains me to say, you to read and Matt Nagy to gameplan for, the Bears have one game left. It’s important, in the sense that it’s the last 60 minutes standing between the Bears and not having to be active participants in the 2019 season. It’s sad in a way, but a relief in a much larger, all-encompassing way, too. There are a few minor stakes on the line, but here some select things – besides a running clock – to keep your eye on in the Bears’ final game: 

Mitch Trubisky
Maybe his last game as the presumptive starter? Definitely the last game as the presumptive starter? Either way, this offseason will offer none of the same presumptions last year’s did. Unless the Bears are woefully out of their depth in regards to how they evaluate quarterbacks (which as I’m typing suddenly doesn’t sound as implausible as it did in my head), there’s nothing he can really do against the Vikings to move the needle one way or the other. 

“I know how he works,” Matt Nagy said after the Bears’ last practice of the season on Friday. “I know how personal he’s going to take this. We need to be there as coaches to help balance that. There is a balance to it. It’s about being supportive, all of us, throughout this thing. You look at the growth that he had throughout the year in different areas, and you go back into the whys of some of the other stuff, and that’s what we’ll do.”


One way or the other, this is probably the last game of the True Trubisky era. Yeah I know the name needs work. 

Inside Linebackers
Nick Kwiatkoski and Kevin Pierre-Louis have one last chance to make an impression before their fate falls into the hands of their agents. The two received heavy praise from Khalil Mack on Friday: 

“Yeah, that position has been through a lot,” Mack said. “Both of our starters got banged up and they stepped in whenever we needed them and balled out.” 

Kwiatkoski will realistically garner the larger contract of the two, just because he has more plays on tape and also doesn’t have a weird habit of running into the punter during the game’s most pivotal moments. Between the two of them and Danny Trevathan, it certainly feels like the Bears can only bring one guy back, if that. 

Prince Amukamara
What do you do with Amukamara? He thinks he played a good season, though some of the teams that took deep shots against him – and just his stats overall – may disagree with that a little bit. It’s not that he was bad, it’s just that he was much more New York Giants Prince Amukamara than he was Chicago Bears Prince Amukamara. Teams averaged a 102.3 passer rating when throwing his way, and his 14.3 yards per reception allowed is the 2nd worst of his career – only behind his rookie season. He’d make $10 million next season, but if cut would only count for $1 million against the cap. Then you consider that Kevin Toliver and his $660,000 salary hasn’t been much of a downgrade this season, and things start to look grim for the nine-year veteran. He’s a valued leader on defense, but even that only goes so far. 

The O-Line
What’s more exciting than watching offensive line tape in a game that doesn’t matter between two teams with nothing to play for?! Nothing is more exciting than that. This is the most exciting thing you will watch the entire season. This is like the final season of The Americans but more exciting. Bobby Massie and Rashaad Coward are both doubtful, meaning it’s ALLLLEEEEEXXXXX (alexalexalex) BAARRRRRRS (barsbarsbars) TIMEEEEEEE (timetimetime). Will it happen? Probably. Will you notice? Who knows! 

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