Rodgers addresses story behind Nathaniel Hackett's Jets hire


Aaron Rodgers slightly alluded to the idea that the New York Jets hiring of Nathaniel Hackett helped spark more interest in the Jets. 

When answering the question as to why the Jets are an attractive team, Rodgers couldn't help but mention an offensive coordinator he constantly speaks highly about. 

"There's one coach who's meant as much to me as any coach I've ever had, and he happens to be the coordinator there," Rodgers said on The Pat McAfee Show referring to Hackett. 

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The Jets hired Hackett in late January. The move was rumored to be initiated to lure Rodgers further to the Jets.

Rodgers said the move "didn't matter at the time." He didn't hold back on confirming that way of thinking is also a "disservice" to Hackett. 

"The only offense [I've taken today is] to that statement, honestly," Rodgers said. "That actually diminishes the ability that he has to coach football and connect with people. That is, to me, the f---ing objective reality.

"Anybody who's been around Nathaniel Hackett knows that he brings a lot of energy, a lot of fun. He's an incredible teacher of the game, especially the quarterback position. And he's a really good human being. For people to say that that was done just to attempt to lure me is a total disservice to Nathaniel Hackett."


Sure, without the possibility of Aaron Rodgers coming to your team, it's easy to sign off on hiring a coordinator turned head coach who recorded one of the worst coaching seasons in recent NFL history. 

The Denver Broncos fired Hackett mid-season after a 4-11 start to his first season as a head coach. The firing became the quickest for any noninterim head coach in NFL history. The Broncos' dumpster fire is one of the most flawed, failed attempts at collecting pieces of a football team in recent history. 

And Hackett ran point on the operation – at least, from a coaching perspective. 

Either way, before Rodgers went on a tangent about Hackett's merit and human traits, he spoke of his affinity for Hackett and mentioned his name when asked "what makes the Jets so attractive?"

Following Hackett's hiring, reports dropped about Rodgers creating a list of players for the Jets to sign during the free agency period. Rodgers, of course, denied that course of action. But, the Jets recently signed Allen Lazard, Rodgers' teammate in Green Bay to a four-year $44 million deal. 

Despite Rodgers' refusal to admit he has some influence in the Jets' organization, it's becoming all the more clear he and the Jets are preparing to officially announce a trade to confirm the future Hall of Fame quarterback as a New York Jet. 

Hackett and Lazard will be waiting in New York for him. And the Bears will be waving goodbye to their 15-year nightmare as he flies halfway across the country. 

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